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Foreign Languages | Schools

Foreign Languages

sponsor Comtec Translations

Comtec Translations have over 30 years experience of offering professional translation services in more than 200 languages. Our specialisms include medical, legal, marketing and website localisation.

sponsor Empowerlingua Translation

Culturally sensitive translation and interpreting services, fostering trust and understanding between diverse peoples. Their linguists are trained to preserve your voice in their specialist languages across legal, public and corporate sectors

sponsor Translation Services 24

Our translation services are offered in over 150 languages. Whether you need to communicate to foreign markets or your international business relations, our translation solutions are enjoyed by hundreds of businesses worldwide.

Foreign Languages for Travelers

Provides basic instruction in foreign languages for travelers. Learn essential words, phrases and pronunciation.

Goethe the Institut

This German-to-English and vice versa dictionary finds compound German words from their components. Look up grund and you get not only Grund (base, reason) but also Grundeigentümer (freeholder) and Anzeigengrundpreis (recommended retail price). - SMH

ITC International TEFL Certificate

ITC offers the International TEFL Certificate program that qualifies graduates to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. We present unique, affordable, fun overseas certificate programs in Prague and Barcelona.

Learn French in Paris

Intensive French language training in the heart of Paris. Learn in a group of 4 or 8, have individual tuition or choose a combination of the three.

Linguanet Europa

It's all a bit dour and serious but this tiringly comprehensive catalogue of online learning and teaching resources for European languages yields some gems among a largely ho-hum bunch. - SMH

Marges Linguistiques

Marges Linguistiques, a completely free, bi-yearly french journal in linguistics, only published online on the Web

This is a serious Chinese learning resource with some brilliant uses of interactive technology. Follow the correct script for a range of simplified and traditional Chinese pictograph char-acters - SMH

Paris Langues

Paris Langues is a French language school located in the FIAP Jean Monnet Centre in Paris. Dynamic teaching methods and flexible course offerings year round.


This German-to-English and vice versa dictionary finds compound German words from their components.

Talking China Language Services

Providing Mandarin and English training. Also Translation and intrepretation. Language exchange Expats in Shanghai China.

The Japanese Writing Tutor

Follow the motion of a series of animations to learn how to write any of the three Japanese character sets


This excellent service is a dynamic phrasebook that provides translations between any combination of more than a hundred languages covering basic words, numbers, shopping, dining and directions. - SMH

travlang's Translating Dictionaries

'many on-line translating dictionaries! These are all free, so bookmark this page now and we hope you enjoy them!'


Teachers International Consultancy TIC

Teachers International Consultancy is an organisation that provides free support to English-speaking teachers who are considering working in an international school. This includes recommending international schools that best suit a teacher's experience, personality and location preferences. The options for skilled and experienced English-speaking teachers are wide, with over 6,000 international schools throughout the world. For more information go to or call +44(0)2920 212 083

Open learning correspondence courses Australia sponsor

TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Obtain Australian nationally recognised trainer qualifications. Study in the comfort of your home or office.

Abacus Guide

Choosing and applying to local schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut can be a uniquely complicated process. Abacus Guide offers free, helpful, accurate, exclusive information.

Australian International School Singapore

The Australian International School in Singapore

Bennett Educational Resources

Individual BER consultants work directly with individual corporate families and relocation personnel around the world - in person, by phone, by email, by fax...

For all the information on International schools in Hong Kong

International Cottage

Bilingual school in Vevey, for children from 3 to 12 years old . Montessori pedagogy.

International School Web Site Registry

this site is a global school registered broken up by country and types of schools from Arts to Montessori.

International Schools in Indonesia

Lists international schools in Indonesia

Teach English Abroad - TEFL courses in Prague

Become TEFL certified to teach English abroad. The 4-week, 130 hour course will give you the training you need to teach English worldwide

The Australian International School Malaysia

AISM offers the only Australian Curriculum available in Malaysia from Preparation (Age 4) to New South Wales HSC at Year 12



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