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Expat Sites

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Expat Sites - Australian

sponsor Australian Expat Financial Advisers-Atlas Wealth Management

Atlas Wealth Management is the leading provider of financial advice to Australian expats. With clients in over 18 countries we are the only financial services firm in Australia that specialises in providing financial planning and wealth management services to Aussie expats.

sponsor The Australian Expat Investor

Providing information to Australian expats on the tax, financial, and investing implications of living overseas.

sponsor Expatriate Home Loans

Looking to purchase property in Australia while working overseas? Expatriate Home Loans has 10 years experience streamlining the expat mortgage process for you. We are accredited with major Australian banks, Australian Mortgage & Finance Association and operate under the Aust Govt ASIC Credit licence 391794. The full service is provided at no cost or obligation as we receive payment from the banks.

sponsor HomeHealthHQ

Worried that your elderly parents back in Australia need support at home, but you're not around to help? Finding it difficult to coordinate the support services they need from afar? Concerned about their wellbeing and safety? Then HomeHealthHQ can help. We provide complete home care services for older Australians wishing to continue living at home. This includes one-stop-shop access to a broad range of services, a dedicated coordinator to organise and manage care, oversight by a specialist clinician to ensure care is integrated and proactively managed, and leading edge technologies to keep you and your parents connected. Learn more on our website:

sponsor Sit-a-while

Our company provides quality companion services for elderly people. We provide the opportunity and subsequent service for Australians living overseas or away from their elderly relatives to stay in contact with their elderly relatives and friends. Our companions are carefully selected, subject to police checks and qualified in first aid. Sharon and I as directors have many years of service delivery experience and seek to provide services that are personal, unique and of a high quality.


Australian events in Singapore. OZone is a one-stop portal for events in Singapore with an Australian connection, reflecting the growing interest in Australian events here, and vibrancy of our business, culture, education, government and sports relationships. OZone is an initiative of the Australian High Commission in Singapore and is supported by Austrade, Australian Education International and Tourism Australia.


In its own words, "Advance is a dynamic and diverse community of Australians overseas, with more than 18,000 members, extensive industry networks and strong relationships with global business, government and academia."

Exfin International


Exfin provides access to a range of professional services and information focussed on Australian expatriates. These include tax and investment advice, international retirement planning, legal advice and mortgage broking, amongst others.

sponsor Letter from New York

Stories from New York by an Aussie New Yorker

An Aussie in London

Dubious tales of Australian share house hell in London. Guides to going out, getting around, finding accommodation and finding that job

Services for Australians - Hong Kong

An Australian community web site hosted by the Australian Consulate General Hong Kong. As well as providing information about the services provided by the consulate the site also has linksand info about other Australian groups in Hong Kong

Australians International

Financial information and newsletter for Australians living overseas

Australian and New Zealand Women's Group Bangkok

The Australian-New Zealand Women's Group Bangkok (ANZWG) has for more than 50 years played a major part in the lives of many expatriate women who have been lucky enough to reside in this fascinating yet sometimes challenging city. ANZWG's main role is to promote friendship amongst its members and to encourage them to support each other during their stay here in Thailand.

Bangkok Guide

A definitive guide for international residents in Bangkok or thinking about visiting Bangkok. This guide was created by the Australian Zealand Women's .


Gudonya is a get-together for Australians and friends in Madrid, Spain. To be honest, it's basically to find another excuse to meet up and have a drink. Started back in 1997, its aim is to bring the Australian community together on a regular basis in a fun and informal way.

I enjoy this site - I've subscribed to their newsletter, even though I'm far from Spain. It's a delight. Great coverage of soccer world wide.If you want to be the our e-mailing list send an e-mail with your full name and e-mail address to [ed]

Mates Up-Over

A support community for Australians living in America, and Americans living in Australia. Discussion forums, chat, stories, pictures, and much more.


PastPlaces is a major new resource for swapping, tracing and selling information, images and video of places and people. There are literally millions of old photographs sitting in albums, draws and attics around the world, cronicalling past places, events and people. Until now, these images have been seen by only a few. Memories of homes, streets, towns, and cities, friends, family and neighbours. Places and events that you may have witnessed but did not photograph - others might have.

The Southern Cross Group

The Southern Cross Group is an international volunteer-run and independently funded advocacy and support organisation for the Australian Diaspora. It is an excellent resource for Australian expats world-wide.

Expat Sites for English Speakers

sponsor Property guides

Relocation advice and overseas property buying guide

sponsor Thailand Retirement Helpers

Thailand Retirement Helpers is a concierge service that assists your move to Thailand and helps you with Thailand retirement visas, housing, transportation, emergencies and medical care

sponsor Which offshore

We provide unbiased information for expatriate on many financial topics including offshore banking, investments, estate management and QROPS in order to help British expatriate make the most of their offshore savings and investments

sponsor Expat Visas Singapore - Employment Pass or Entrepass

Information on Singapore work visas for Expatriates to obtain the right Singapore visa to work or to stay in Singapore legally. We also offer Expert Immigration or Visa Advice for Singapore.

sponsor Asia Expats Forum

Community forum for expatriates living or traveling in Asia Pacific or Southeast Asia. Sections on Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal

A Cyber Home for Strangers in a Strange Land

Interesting New York Times article on Australians Abroad and other expat sites

AMA Boston

For South Africans living in Boston

Anglofiles - General

'Following in the footsteps of the famous expats who descended upon Paris in the 20's, today's expats can unite through this resource.' -


An excellent resources for the expatriate - for those thinking of moving to Belize, it is filled with the information expats needs. It has news from Belize, Books, Lodging Information and Links.

Canadian Expat Yahoo Group

If you having Canadian friends living outside of Canada you might want to direct them to this new Canadian Expat site

Expat Expert

Draws on an 'in-depth knowledge of expatriate concerns acquired over a 15 year residency in four Asian capitals (Bangkok, Taipei, Beijing and Seoul)'

Expat Network

Online access to overseas jobs, forthcoming project news, country information and news on issues affecting expatriates.

Expat resources for carefree living in Thailand

ThailandTips provides a forum, newsletter, tips and resources for newly arrived expats and westerners planning to relocate in Thailand.

Expat Single International

An Expat Singles Meetingplace with an international search engine for locating other single Expat friends worldwide and a forum for creating much needed expat single service organizations! Join The Expat Single International Club today!

Expat Talk

A collection of topical stories about English speaking expats in Thailand


One stop info center for Expats in Malaysia


Information and advice for people moving to Belgium France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands (Holland), Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

Guide for expatriate residents, including Shopping, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Culture, Home Deliveries, Adventure Tours and more! - News & Community for Expatriates in the Netherlands provides local and international news for English-speaking expatriates living in Holland Belgium, Germany and France with more European countries being added as the site grows.


Expatriate moms, unite and join forces to raise kids the best way possible while living the expatriate life.

Expats Direct

A site for English speaking expats round the world.

Expats in Brussels - General

Multi-lingual guide to living in Brussels, Belgium as an expatriate. Many business and service contact names and links are provided.

an friendly and helpful online BBS community for expats in the Czech Republic and for those interested in moving to the Czech Republic. Come meet the not so silent minority!!


- for foreign residents lists dining, lodging and activity options. Get travel tips, browse a message board, or read articles on local events. is an expatriate community portal offering valuable information, services, and communications tools for expatriates worldwide.

India Abroad

Indian portal, an Useful resource of information related to all facets of India... in English plus Indian languages - for those of us of Indian descent

inside-scotland expat site

This is a site for expats inside Scotland - if you have affection for Scotland you can join this site - if you are living there or have once lived there you are invited to join their members directory.

International Living

For information and advice about travelling,retiring, living, buying real estate, investing, and starting a business overseas

Irish Abroad

The Irish Abroad Website is a global Irish community. It contains information on sports, news, events, bars, businesses, emigration etc - if you are of Irish heritage this site may interest you

JPOC's guide to living and working in Germany

Here I wish to offer some general hints and tips on life in Germany. I am aiming this at people who will be living and working in Germany for extended periods of time. So, this is not really a guide for tourists or those on short business trips.

Living in Indonesia

A site for expats of all nationalities living in Indonesia. This well-organised site is updated weekly and has information on a wide range of topics.

London Survival Kit

A free website that is a useful guide for expats living in London. Topics include finding a home, relocating, moving in, settling in (utilities, transport, banking), daily life (local amenities, health, shopping), and an online bookstore. Other topics: culture and leisure, children and expatriate living.

Moving or living in Mexico

Resource for expats who relocate to work in Mexico, inside information ranging from arrival to setting up home, school or business to things to see and do, and providing an online community to help you get connected.

People Going Global

People Going Global plans to become your one stop site for information on survival in any country.

The American Women's Association of Hong

This is a site for AWA members, past, present & future. It gives you information on activities, charities in Hong Kong and even a discussion board, plus activities offered.

The Bottom Half

A site for Australian and other southern hemisphere expats around the world. Find old mates or make new ones. Forums, chats, links directory and many more cool things....

The Council of Hellenes Abroad

The Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), a non-profit organization, is a global group that binds all hellenes and philhellenes together, especially Hellenes Abroad with those in Greece. - For those of us of Greek heritage - in English and Greek

The Moscow Expat Site - General

A free, virtual community for English-speaking expats and Russians. Find information on life in Moscow, discuss topics of interest, make new friends, look for a job or housing, post a personal ad, and much more!

The Yorkshire Expats Forum

A home from home for expats scattered throughout the world. Walk down memory lane and talk about the world you grew up in, or discuss the benefits of being able to play cricket for Yorkshire!

Thinking of coming to the UK? Already arrived? UKDiscovered is a site built by travellers for travellers and covers information like getting visa's, finding work, a home. Get your questions answered for free by our qualified experts

VOSS Expats

The Voss Expats Club is open for all who have English as their mother-tongue (and their families) who live in the Voss Region in Norway.

Your Local Connection

is a web site for expats in Turkey. With our inhouse IT team we update daily, with our multilingual,multicultural customer team we serve the local expat community.

Expat Sites for US Nationals

America Citizens Abroad

We have included this site because a number of our visitors have American spouses. As well, this site contains information also relevant to Australian expats - e.g. relocation issues -Eds

Run by Windham - a worldwide leader in expatriate and family support services inc global relocation policy development, compensation package design, cross-cultural preparation, and on-the-ground support such as homefinding and settling-in, worldwide.


Australian and New Zealand Yahoogroup of The Netherlands

The Australian and New Zealand Yahoogroup of Netherlands One method of meeting Australians and New Zealanders ONLINE and also ONLAND in The Neherlands

IVillage Haarlem Site

English Speaking Contact Group of Haarlem

Virtual Netherlands

Dutch information page for newcomers to Holland

Yahoo Grous - Dutch Aussies

'Dutch Aussies' for expats Aussies in NL - Yahoo Group

Destination the Hague

Non-profit making foundation which aims to help English speakers of all nationalities to settle in and make the most of life in The Netherlands.

Relocation Issues

sponsor Expat Culture Guides

Useful cultural guides for people moving to new countries covering language, culture, etiquette and business protocol.

A-1 Auto Transport International

International auto/motorcycle/boat shipping services from A-1 Auto Transport, over 25 years experience!

Repatriation - the difficulties of returning home and reverse culture shock on re-entry from expatriate life

"Repatriation, returning to a location or a country that you have lived in previously after life out of the country as either a migrant or an expatriate, is not always easy. Many people face reverse culture shock on their re-entry to their home country."

A comprehensive article on problems and tactics for solving them when returning home.

Cost of Living Calculator for Australia

Calculate cost of living in Australia for years 1930 through current year. e.g. you can put what you last earned in Australia and get the current equiv AUD value

EasyExpat - The International Relocation Portal

EasyExpat is the International Relocation Portal for expatriates and HRM relocating employee abroad. International moving, international relocation, jobs, real estates, international banking, international health and insurance, travel, international cost of living, immigration and visa

International Auto Source

International Auto Source is a service that is provided to expatriates moving or returning to the US.

Eventually, most expatriates will return to their home country, and will therefore face the daunting list of tasks necessary for a successful repatriation.

Standard of Living Across the United States

Compares American incomes with incomes in other developed countries.

We are the first global relocation services portal and we offer a huge resource of free information, forums, advice on every aspect of relocating or moving, country/city destination info, tools and access to all sorts of services and a bookstore.


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