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Accounting and Financial Services

sponsor Specialist Mortgage

Many people mistakenly consider that obtaining finance for their Australian property purchase is a difficult process.

In fact it is a very simple one once you are made aware of your choices. We consider in detail all the issues affecting you as you seek finance and also can guide you through the entire process to ensure you obtain the best loan for your circumstances.

sponsor Australian Expat Financial Planning-Atlas Wealth Management

Atlas Wealth Management prides itself in delivering tailored Australian expat financial plans that are specific to your circumstances as an Australian expat
When you become an expat it is very easy to get caught up in the lifestyle. Whether that is hiring domestic help, taking more holidays, or living in a better house quite often you may find that the extra disposable income that you thought you may have gets used up very quickly and you don't have anything tangible to show for it.
By getting on the front foot and organising your finances, not only will you gain peace of mind knowing that you are taking the appropriate steps towards a stable financial future but that you will have something to show for your time away apart from photos and great stories.

sponsor First Choice Australian Migration

:First Choice Australian Migration is an Independent migration agency based in Perth, Western Australia.

We provide advice to Australian migrants in key areas such work and skilled visas services.

Our principal migration agent is also registered through the Tax Practice Board as a financial tax advisor and runs The Reformed Adviser, advising in investment planning and advice, tax planning, superannuation and retirement strategy, personal insurance and estate planning. David has experience in providing financial advice to the migrant community and understand that working abroad gives rise to additional considerations and complexities. To get in touch with David and read more about his services, please visit:

sponsor The Reformed Adviser - Financial Advisor Perth

As a Financial Advisor in Perth, the Reformed Adviser subscribes to an Independent advisor AFSL to best provide fee for service financial Planning. Additionally, David specialises in GESB superannuation, Annuities and Age Pension planning.
The Reformed Adviser is located at Ground Floor, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

As a Financial Advisor in Perth, the Reformed Adviser subscribes to an Independent advisor AFSL to best provide fee for service financial Planning. Additionally, David specialises in GESB superannuation, Annuities and Age Pension planning. The Reformed Adviser is located at Ground Floor, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

sponsor Tax Call Australia

Tax Returns Over The Phone by Expert Tax Accountants, 15 min, $99 flat, instant cash refunds. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide,

sponsor City Tax Accountants

:Expert Tax Accountants will help you to get your biggest tax refund, negotiate with ATO and minimise your penalties for late tax returns, protect your family and business assets

sponsor Financial Planning Expert

Financial Planning Expert is an Independent financial planning firm based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide advice to Australian expatriates in key areas such investment planning and advice, tax planning, superannuation and retirement strategy, personal insurance and estate planning. We have experience in providing financial advice to the expatriate community and understand that working abroad gives rise to additional considerations and complexities. In our experience, most expats intend to return to Australia to retire after they cease working abroad, meaning it is important for them to accumulate wealth in Australia. Therefore, it is usual for us to assist expats to invest their surplus cashflow into assets in Australia in consideration of the non-resident tax rules that apply. Given the geographical limitations, it is critical expats receive trusted advice. As one of only a few independent financial planning firms in Australia, we are well placed to put client interests before our own. You can rely on our advice. Additional information about how we can assist Australian expats is available on our website: .

sponsor Savvy Home Loans

"Savvy is Australia's leading financial brokerage institution focusing on range of finance and mortgage services from 2010"

sponsor Australian Mortgage Warehouse

We are a Specialist Mortgage Consulting firm that specialises in arranging mortgage finance for Australians working overseas - our office is located in Sydney

sponsor Proper Finance Solutions

A Melbourne based finance brokering firm that assists expats in obtaining finance when they wish to purchase property in Australia or borrow on existing property for personal or investment purposes.

William Cosson and Co Online

Chartered Accountants, Auditors & business advisors of Perth Western Australia

Banks Online

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank is a regional and community bank, the only bank with its headquarters in regional Australia.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

ETBANK allows you to do much of your banking on-line.

St George Bank

Official site of the St George Bank

Woolworths Ezy Banking

On line banking and credit cards from Woollies


sponsorInternational Money Transfer Companies

We're MoneyTransferComparison, and we review, rate, and compare international money transfer companies. We're proud to say that we have helped hundreds of property buyers, expats, and small businesses transfer money internationally with no hassle, no fees and great rates. Your international money transfer comparison starts here!

sponsorFX Australia

Forex Australia is a guide to Forex trading written for Aussies by Aussies. This website features broker reviews, insights into trading from personal experience, and an opportunity for all to ask questions.

sponsorAustralian Expat Currency Exchange-Atlas Wealth Management

Working overseas an as Australian expat presents itself with a lot of opportunities, including career development, life experiences and potentially improving your financial well being. However, one issue that must be managed is that you will most likely be earning most your income in a foreign currency rather than in Australian Dollars (AUD).

sponsorCompare Forex Brokers

Australia's leading currency trading website for those looking to compare forex brokers and other currency related tools. Free comparisons and updates are provided with weekly updates on currency related matters.

sponsorCFD Trading

IC markets is a leading CFD and forex broker offering share cfds, forex and futures trading online via the Prodeal trading

Currency Converter

An easy to use currency converter


sponsor 457 Visa Compared

457 Visa Compared compared all the services you need to work in Australia on the 457 visa. The site compares health insurance, life insurance through to bank accounts.

sponsor Now Health Worldwide

Now Health offers innovative and comprehensive international health insurance coverage for individuals, familes and companies.

sponsor Australia Post

Australia Post offers travel insurance that you can depend on when things don't go as planned on your holiday.

sponsor PMI Health Group

PMI Health Group provides global travellers with travel insurance options covering Australia other countries.

sponsor North Travel Insurance

Comprehensive and budget travel insurance for Australians, including a policy designed especially for travellers who have already departed from Australia.

sponsorAllianz Travel Insurance Direct

Allianz Travel Insurance provides travellers with a comprehensive range of travel insurance options designed for travel within Australia or overseas.


Law For You

This site claims to provide plain English information on the law in Australia

Rami Formality Services

Answers to your questions about visas, work permits, and establishing a company in Indonesia


Australian Property Investor magazine

Australia's magazine for home buyers and property investors. The next boom suburbs, where to buy, market commentary, how-to articles, case studies of successful investors etc.

Quartile Property Network

Assists property investors to plan budget locate acquire finance and manage Australian real estate supported by research on residential trends house and unit prices rents and demographics



Our aim is to provide you, the Australian Property Investor, Australian Expatriate or Intended Migrant the best quality of information on the Australian Property Market so you can make the safest and most rewarding investment decisions.

sponsorBuy Off The Plan Property In Australia -Off the Plan EXPRESS

:Australia has a fast growing population and needs to build thousands of new apartments, house and land packages and townhouses to support this growth. Expats can benefit from our extensive range in off the plan developments in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

sponsor Vendor Marketing

"We are the independent experts in property marketing and agent selection for home sellers in Melbourne."

sponsor Property Investment in Australia

37 Property Group is a Sydney based property investment company focussed on helping clients build wealth through property. Our background is research. We use this knowledge to educate and recommend the best investment options in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and around Australia."

sponsor Buyers Domain

"Buyers Domain has established itself as 'the' premier real estate buyer's agency. Our intimate understanding of the local real estate market allows us to use our expertise in finding desirable properties, liaising with realtors and brokering the best possible deals for our clients. We produce the best professional outcomes by always providing meticulous personal service."

sponsor Home Loan Interest Rates - ING Direct

Australian interest rates were the first in the developed world to move up at the end of the financial crisis. Expats can stay in touch with the rates at ING Direct.

sponsor Planning your return home with tax deductions

Some day you will no doubt return home and you should really be planning this long before the time comes to book the tickets. With careful planning you could accumulate thousands of dollars worth of tax decutions and build a small property port folio with little money than you might think. In fact some expats accumulate over $50,000 in just 4-5 years. For more info - check our web site or attend one of our free seminars.

sponsor Property Buyer's Agent for the Australian Expatriate

Remote buying services are tailored to meet the additional requirements and overcome the special challenges faced by interstate buyers, Australian expats and overseas buyers.

sponsor Property Finders & Property Buyers Agents - Australia

We represent the buyer - exclusively in the real estate transaction, whetherr you are an individual or company, interested in property ownership or investment in -residential, commercial, industrial & retail property. We provide Consult | Search | Select | Buy | Asset Management | Lease | Design & Development single service offerings or full service property solutions. Rose & Jones are licensed real estate and buyer's agents.

sponsor Prospergroup

Prosper Group is a leading property buyers agent and property consulting firm operating in Sydney, Brisbane, NSW and QLD. More and more people are choosing a property buyers agent over dealing directly with real estate agents - because a buyers agent finds and negotiates property for you, working solely in your best interests. The Prosper Group difference is our expertise. Our team's background extends across property acquisitions and consulting, finance, building and construction, engineering, property management and leasing.

Shares and Investments

sponsor Atlas Wealth Management - Expatriate Financial Planning

Atlas Wealth Management is a specialist in providing financial advice to Australian expatriates. Whether you are based in Shanghai, Dubai or further afield, we have the experience in providing wealth management services to the expatriate community.

Atlas Wealth Management was born out of the demand from expatriates who wanted a wealth manager they could trust back in Australia to look after their investments whilst they went overseas to further their careers and life experiences.

We understand that your requirements are more sophisticated than that of an average investor which is why we focus on providing a specialised service. There are a lot of peripheral issues that need to be dealt with when you live overseas and that is the reason why you need to deal with someone who not only understands your situation but has the experience in providing advice to investors who are in the same situation.

International share dealing from Melbourne

Fortrend Securities maintains client accounts in New York and can offer returning expats a method of keeping assets offshore. We are Australia's only 100% international stockbroker and are open 24 hours a day for trading US & European shares.


sponsorAustralasian Taxation Services

Since 1995, SMATS has been helping people all around the world in maximising their after tax returns and reducing their borrowing costs on Australian Property Investment. Our offices are located in key international cities and we travel extensively to be where you are and provide face to face support. We hope this website gives you a clear understanding of all issues relating to the purchase and ownership of Australian properties for foreign investors and expatriates.

Australian Taxation Office

Official site of the Australian Taxation office

sponsorAtlas Wealth Management

When providing financial advice to Aussie expats, Australian expat tax advice is always a key consideration of the advice process.
As the Australian tax laws change frequently this is an important consideration for expats and ensures that when we are advising expats they receive the most up to date information.
Atlas Wealth Management monitors these changes for clients and ensures that they are always acting on the latest financial advice.

sponsorNZ Tax Refunds

NZ Tax Refunds is a New Zealand based company offering New Zealand employees or ex-employees to claim back their overpaid taxes.

eTax On-line

Complete your Australian tax return on-line for only $39. Australia's number one on-line tax site. Please email if you have any queries.


"Our team is based in Australia and has many years of experience having all worked together in big four firms. Our aim is to deliver a high level of service to local and international organizations, professional practitioners, high net worth individuals, foreign executives and expatriates who have recently moved to or from Australia. Our team has access to a wide range of professional services and will be able to assist in your global expansion. We are committed to personal and timely service, adding value and certainty of cost. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in developing a long term business relationship that will assist you in achieving your financial goals."

Tax reclaim specialists for Commonwealth nationals working temporarily in the UK.

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