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Australian Rules - Say no more ...

Official Site of the United States AFL

Australian Rules - Say no more ...


China Red Demons

China's AFL link was established when the Melbourne Demons introduced its China Strategy, designed to increase links with the Chinese community in Melbourne and promote interest in the game abroad.

Hong Kong Dragons

We are looking for new players who are:

  • Interested in playing in the domestic competition or
  • Would like to keep fit by having a kick of the footy or
  • Would like the opportunity to represent the Hong Kong International side in the Championships.

Bali Geckos

If the surf is no good, on any Thursday afternoon at in Seminyak, you'll find a bunch of expats honing their skills of their beloved Australian Rules Football. While the beers are being chilled at the Bottle Shop, one of the Geckos' preferred watering holes, astonished locals watch, wonder and laugh as the sweating expats kick, handball and swear at each other.

Malaysian Warriors

The Malaysian Warriors Australian Rules Football Club (MWAFC) was founded in the late 1980's by Aussie Expats working and living in Kuala Lumpur, who carried with them, a love of the "Great Game". The MWAFC was initially known as the MARK Tigers (Malaysian Australian Rules Kelab) and the team recorded their first win in August 1994 against the RAAF in Butterworth, Penang.

Vietnam Swans

The good news is that footy is up and running in both Hanoi and Saigon. The other good news is that, given we're trying to play footy in a sea of soccer, we are genuinely welcoming of anyone who wants to have a crack at it. So, whether you're from Finland, Vietnam, Holland, America or anywhere else, you will be welcomed with the footy.

AFL Europe


Brussel Saints

Aussie rules football in Belgium


Danish Australian Football League

Australian Rules Football has been played competitively in Denmark since 1991. From the humble origins of three Copenhagen-based social teams, it now has senior and junior clubs from as far wide as Jutland and across to Skåne in southern Sweden. Every year, over 300 seniors and 100 juniors play Australian Football in the region


Finland AFL

Facebook group - Finnish aussie rules football players or people interested in playing in Finland


Paris Cockerels

The Paris Cockerels is the oldest French Australian football club still in activity. Created by a community of Australians living in Paris, it is composed from 50/50 French and Australian players. They were the responsible for the organisation of the first 'Coupe de France' of Australian football, on June 28, 2008


Frankfurt Redbacks

Formed in Frankfurt by Malte Schudlich in 1995, the Redbacks are one of the two oldest Australian rules football clubs in Germany and were a founding member club of the AFLG. They originally wore black jumpers with a vertical red stripe on the front, this has now been changed to red jumpers with a stylised redback spider logo. Their homeground is the Frankfurt Ostpark.

Munich Kangaroos

The Munich Kangaroos were founded in Munich by Australian expats in the mid-1990s, the only German club except Frankfurt formed before the year 2000. The Roos made an early attempt to start a league based around Munich, named the German Australian Rules Football Association, beginning with two teams in Munich - the Bayern Blues and Munich Whites. This league did not eventuate, with the Roos and Redbacks coming together to form the AFLG in 1999. Munich have played in the AFLG premiership season since the true home and away setup began in 2003. The Munich Roos wear blue and white, the traditional colours of both the AFL North Melbourne Kangaroos and the state of Bavaria (Bayern) of which Munich is the capital. The Roos also host the Oktoberfest Cup, which has been held around Oktoberfest time most years over the past decad

Berlin Crocodiles

The Crocodiles were formed in Berlin during 2002 as the third Aussie Rules club in Germany, and have played in the AFLG since its home and away seasons began in 2003. The Crocodiles wear green jumpers with a gold yoke and a gold crocodile logo. Their home games were originally played in the Treptower Park, although they are now shared between Maifeld at the Olympiastadion and Schiller Park, where they hosted the 2004 AFLG Grand Final tournament.

Rheinland Lions

The Lions were formally established for AFLG league play in 2004 in Düsseldorf under the name Düsseldorf Lions. Previously, they had competed on an irregular basis, their first appearance being a tournament called the Rhein Cup on the 31st August 2002 against Berlin Crocodiles and Frankfurt Redbacks. They also hosted the 2004 CEAFL Championships. As of late 2005, the Lions changed their name to the Rheinland Lions - as a large proportion of their playing squad live in the nearby cities of Cologne or Bonn rather than Düsseldorf. They have also for this reason started playing their home games in Cologne. Cologne and Düsseldorf have a traditional rivalry and the name change to a neutral title may help avoid these rivalries in regional recruiting efforts. For their first match they wore the black rugby jumpers from the Düsseldorf Dragons Rugby union Club. Their current jerseys are red and white, featuring a black, encircled lions head.

Stuttgart Emus

The Emus were created in 2008, with players taking part in matches with other German teams. Their first appearance as a stand-alone club is previewed for the 2008 AFLG finals tournament where they will play a match against the 5th-placed German side. They will wear the colors green and white when they appear in the AFLG in 2009.

Hamburg Dockers

The Hamburg club formed in 2003 by Fabian Cordts, joining the AFLG in that season. The club considered a number of names, including the Hamburg Foxes, but being located in Germany's largest port city eventually settled on the name Hamburg Dockers. Ironically, they wore the jumpers of the Fremantle Dockers' biggest traditional rivals, the West Coast Eagles, for the first two years of existence, finally receiving a set of Fremantle's all-purple alternative jumpers for the 2005 season. The Hamburg Football Club went through its first two seasons in the AFLG winless, but started their 2005 campaign in fine fashion with their first-ever win - a 155-23 away drubbing of the Düsseldorf Lions, becoming a strong footballing outfit over the course of their third seas.


Australian Rules Football League of Ireland

With the formation of the European Australian Football Association a lot more attention is being focussed on Australian Football in Europe. Robert 'Dipper' Dipierdominico is aan official ambassador for the new European Associatio

Australian Rules Football League of Ireland

With the formation of the European Australian Football Association a lot more attention is being focussed on Australian Football in Europe. Robert 'Dipper' Dipierdominico is aan official ambassador for the new European Associatio

Belfast Redbacks

The Belfast Redbacks are one of Ireland's longest established Aussie Rules Clubs having been formed in 1999. We are currently looking for new members, playing or administrative as we prepare for the 2010 Season. Irrespective of your previous playing experience, fitness or ability we'd like to hear from you. There's a place for everyone at the Redbacks.

Dublin Demons

The Dublin Demons were founded in October 1999 at the Palace Bar on Fleet St in Dublin. The founding members were Colm Cronin, who had played previously with the Boston Demons and Michael McCormack and Trevor Lawless who had previously played in the BARFL with the Wandsworth Demons. Also in attendance were Ciaran O hEadhra, who would later join the club and Brian Clarke from the International Australian Football Council. Following an appearance on the RTE Television Program 'Breaking Ball' and a recruitment drive throughout the city a meeting was held at the Australian embassy, where the core of the first team attended. Colm Cronin, became the club's first president and Kerran Hobbs was appointed as the club's first coach. Soon after training was to begin in the Phoenix park, with a dash made for safety whenever the park wardens appeared. This obviously being unsuitable the Demons soon moved training to the Clann na Gael/Fontenoy GAA club

South Dublin Swans

The Dublin Saints started in 2005 with a few members that played for the Dublin Demons the few years before. The Dublin Saints goals are to develop Australian Rules in Dublin and Ireland. We put a strong focus on making the sport available to all. At the moment we have players from Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and of course Ireland playing for our club.

West Dublin Saints

The Dublin Saints started in 2005 with a few members that played for the Dublin Demons the few years before. The Dublin Saints goals are to develop Australian Rules in Dublin and Ireland. We put a strong focus on making the sport available to all. At the moment we have players from Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and of course Ireland playing for our club.

Midland Tigers

The Midland Tigers were formed in April of 2001 when Paul Ryan (an expatriate Australian living in Rochfortbridge and a life-long Aussie Rules fan), asked his friend and flatmate Tom Leavy to assist him in setting up a club in the Midlands area. At the time the League were looking for new Clubs, and had been due to start their season when Foot and Mouth disease struck and all competition was suspended - giving Ryan and Leavy the extra time they needed to get the club up and running. The decision to call themselves the Tigers was taken by Paul who is a lifelong supporter of the Richmond Tigers in the AFL. Initially they recruited players through an article in the Irish Times (that saw 14 lads enquire and show up to the first training session), word of mouth, friends and posters displayed around the surrounding towns.

Midwest Magpies

The Magpies are an Aussie Rules club based in Galway in the west of Ireland. If you live in the west and would like to give Aussie Rules a go, then please get in touch we welcome all comers irrespective of past experience, ability or fitness. Get in touch now by calling Ciaran on 087 150 2527 or by E-mailing us at

Irish Warriors

Ireland's National Aussie Rules team


Aussie Rules Italy

If you would like to play Aussie Rules in Italy please contact Nicola Giampaolo.

Aussie Rules in Italy was first played in 2004 with an attempt to start a league based around the city of Naples, under the Federazione Italiana Australian Football. Four teams in Salerno, Naples, San Giorgio and Barra were created, but the league ultimately did not get off the ground. A new group started playing under the name AFL Italia in July 2009.

A large number of Italian Australians have played professionally in the AFL, including "Mr Football" Ron Barassi, Sergio Silvagni, Stephen Silvagni, Robert DiPierdomenico, Saverio Rocca and Peter Matera. In recognition of the contribution made to the sport of Australian rules throughout its history by players of Italian background, the VFL/AFL Italian Team of the Century was named in June 2007. A team representing the Melbourne Italian community also competed at the Australian Football Multicultural Cup in 2005.


Oslo Trolls

The Oslo Trolls formed in 2005 as Norway's first Australian rules football club, but didn't play their first match until hosting the Karlstad Dragons from Sweden in August 2008. Prior to this, players from the Trolls had travelled to western Sweden to play in club matches with the teams in Karlstad and Gothenburg. The second club to form in the Oslo area were founded in early early 2009 in the town of Ås. This club is nicknamed the Âs Battlers, after the Australian expression Aussie battler, due to the name of the town sounding similar to the first syllable of Aussie. The Oslo Trolls and Âs Battlers will play their first match against each other in August 2009. In May 2009, a group started playing social matches in the northern city of Tromsò. This club is currently the most northerly Australian rules team in the world.


Spain Bulls

Spain's national Australian football team is nicknamed the Bulls, their jumper showing a Bull, the national symbol of Spain, in the national colours of red and yellow. The Spanish national team entered a team into the 2005 Australian Football International Cup, successfully raising the money to travel to Melbourne, Australia. The team failed to win a game and finished last, but was widely commended for its spirited performance. This team was drawn exclusively from players from the Madrid Bears and Spanish nationals resident in Melbourne, the Catalan league not taking part in the squad for various reasons.

Madrid Bears

Established 2003


Australian Football in Sweden

"Our aim is to publicize, promote and develop Australian Rules Football in Sweden to be able to participate in International competitions" Australian Rules Football has been played in Sweden for over 10 years with ex-pat Australians creating teams and encouraging the locals to participate. The style of game has become increasingly popular and the number of Swedish national players is growing rapidly each season. With six regions in Sweden now playing Aussie Rules, the introduction of a National Body has been established to bring together all the clubs and further develope the game in the country.

United Kingdom


Site broken but assume it exists

Putney Magpies

The Putney Magpies were started in 2004 by Simon Thorp in his capacity as President of the London Collingwood Supporters Club, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the London Gryphons. Simon landed some good sponsorship, attracted some of the former Gryphons players (as well as some new blood), and with a bit of help from the Collingwood Football Club, the Putney Magpies were born. Simon remained as President for the first two years and nurtured the club to what it is today and it is self-evident that without his persistence and conviction, the club would never have got off the ground.

West London Wildcats

The West London Wildcats were formed in 1990 as a foundation club of the British Australian Rules Football League. They had played in a number of BARFL grand finals, finally winning their first premiership in 2000 against arch-rivals, the Wandsworth Demons, the team captained at the time by club stalwart, Chris Schleter. They have since followed this up with premierships in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 - the first three against BARFL heavy-weights the Wimbledon Hawks. 2004 saw fullback Rowan Bilkey captain the club. Chris Schleter again captained the premiers in 2005 while in 2006 ruckman Barclay Dixon lead his team to the BARFL premiership. The Wildcats stand as the only team to win the BARFL Premiership on five consecutive occasions. In 2004 the team achieved another first in BARFL history by claiming the BARFL 'Grand Slam', winning the Anzac Cup preseason tournament, the Brit Cup and both the Conference and Premier Division Premierships, a feat they repeated in season 2006.

London Swans

Want to try something new in London? Want to try a new sport or carry on where you left off back home? Then join the London Swans, the official Regents Park Aussies rules football club

Wimbleton Hawks

The London Hawks (name change to Wimbledon in 1995) were a foundation club of AFL London (formerly the BARFL), playing every season since the league began in 1990. The club is affiliated with the Hawthorn Hawks in the AFL. Their current playing strip is a gold jumper with a brown Hawk logo and brown side stripes. They also field a second side, the Fulham Hawks, in the BARFL London Conference division.

Reading Kangaroos

The Roos need you! The club is recruiting and would like to hear from anyone who is interested in getting involved, both on and off the pitch, seriously or socially.

North London Lions

We are always seeking new players. Players of all backgrounds and all levels of experience are welcome - even if you're new to the game. NLL field 3 teams in the AFL London Football League. Our club is located in Regents Park, Central London near the Hub - which is where we train twice a week

Wandsworth Demons

We are the most successful Aussie Rules club in the United Kingdom, and arguably the biggest club outside Australia. Here you'll find all the club's news and results, as well as any social announcements, player profiles, amusing stories, and anything else that we can think up.

AFL North America

Arizona Hawks

The Arizona Hawks are the parent club of the Arizona Australian Football League, a 6 team competition drawing players from all over the state. The Hawks have been in existence since August 1999, and have grown steadily each year. The club is one of the largest in the country with over 100 active players. Almost the entirety of the club is American players with no prior football experience. The Hawks see their primary goal as providing a grass roots opportunity for Americans to learn about and participate in the game.

Atlanta Kookaburras

The Atlanta Kookaburras after a successful 2007 at the Nationals have a busy home and away season planned with 8 games. As always new players are welcome to join at any stage of the season and the local AARFL league is never far from restarting with competitions in Fall and Spring.

Austin Crows

Based in Austin, TX, the Austin Footy group is a group of Australians and Americans trying to grow the game of Australian Football in the USA. As a sister city of Adelaide in Australia, the Austin Footy players have adopted the Crows as their mascot.

Baltimore Washington Eagles

Committed to growing the sport and increasing awareness of Aussie Rules Football in the Baltimore-Washington region. Established 1999

Baton Rouge Tigers

Welcome to the jungle that is The Baton Rouge Tigers, Australian Football Club. Australian Rules football, or 'footy' as it is colloquially known, is a physical and athletic contact sport unlike any sport played in America; but which combines the best elements of Soccer, Basketball and Football to make for a fast paced, exciting and highly skilled game.

Boston Demons

The Boston Demons Australian Football Club is an amateur footy club. We are affiliated with the United States Australian Football League, and our parent club is the Melbourne Demons in the Australian Football League. Our team is made up of comers from all walks of life, and from a variety of nations - not just Americans and Australians but also Kiwis (New Zealanders), Brits, Germans, Irish and Danes. We also have a wide range of athletic skills - or lack thereof! -ranging from former professional footy players, to former soccer players and American football players, to those of us whose athletic experience is reserved to a pick up game of basketball in the summer.

Calgary Kangaroos

Calgary has both men's and women's footy competitions. The Kangaroos and Bears men compete regularly over summer in local and inter-provincial games. The Calgary Kookaburras women compete in a regular metro-league, featuring the Kingfishers and Nighthawks teams

Central Blues

The Central Blues were founded in late 2005 by Bruce Parker and Rob Chapman who saw the need for an Australian Rules Football team based in the heart of downtown Toronto. In its short 5 year history the club has rapidly developed a reputation of being one of the best social and welcoming clubs in the league, while at the same time being an extremely competitive side in the OAFL, with the club finishing 4th overall in the 2008 season. In 2009 the Blues narrowly missed out on making it into their first Grand Final - being eliminated it its first ever Preliminary Final, to go on and finish 4th for the second season in a row.

Cincinnati Dockers

Members of the Mid-American Australian Football League (MAAFL) and host of the 1997, 1998,and 1999 United States National Championship. The Cincinnati Dockers were established in May 1996 as one of the original three clubs [Indianapolis, Louisville] in the Midwest Australian Football League. The founder, and inaugural president, was Geoff Cann, an Australian living in Cincinnati with his wife Jocelyn. He has since left the club to return to Australia. The Team is coached by former US Revolution player, Kyle Strenski.

Columbus Jackaroos ARFC

Established in 2009 for their first full season. As new members to the MAAFL, we will play several league games, along with other exhibition and non-conference games throughout the year, and represent Columbus at the 2009 National Championships in Mason, Ohio. We're always looking for new recruits, and anyone interested in joining may contact our head coach, Scooter, at

Dallas Magpies

The Dallas Magpies have grown into a thriving sport and charitable non-for-profit organization consisting of 70 registered players and a supporter base of more than 500. Not only are the Dallas Mapies one of the top clubs on the field, the Dallas Magpies also excel off the field. The Magpies run football clinics in Dallas/Forth Worth area schools, and also run children's football clinics in the Dallas area.

Denver Bulldogs

The Denver Bulldogs were founded in 1998. From that modest start of a few guys going for a kick the Dogs have started a great tradition of winning.

Florida Redbacks

We meet each Thursday for training and a metro league game (Green vs Gold). Everyone is welcome (if you have never played before, contact us, or come out - we'll tell you about the sport, and explain why Aussie Rules is a fantasic game)

Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids

Our Mission is to put together a AFL team to play against Tampa and Sarasota in the Florida Metro League, with the intention to send players to the National Championships as part of The Florida Redback's. While playing is our fist intention, we also hope to surround ourselves with a group of people who love a beer, socialize and enjoy everything that make living in South Florida the best place in the United States

Golden Gate Roos

In late 1996, a group of dedicated expatriate Australians started to kick a football around a local community park on Sunday afternoons. Sufficient interest was generated from passers-by that during 1997, a handful of Australians were having a kick and teaching a few of the locals the basics of the game. Success has drawn advertisements in the local paper, and signs in windows of sporting stores. At this time, the participants were all from Santa Cruz, California

Kansas City Power

The Kansas City Power was founded by Jason Eustice back in 1996. The KC Power honored Jason at the 2002 Nationals with life membership for all the past work and dedication he has shown. In 2003, the Power awarded life membership to retiring American player, Richard Kirkpatrick, and former coach and club president, Mark Wheeler, who returned to Australia after wonderful leadership of the club those previous years. We also want to acknowledge the support and contributions throughout the years from our generous and supportive sister club, Port Adelaide of Adelaide, Australia.

Las Vegas Gamblers

Australian football was born in Las Vegas during the 2005 Wild West Shootout. The locals gathered together after that for a kick and determined to get a team running in the city. After a year of hard work the team affiliated with USAFL and is on the path to becoming another competitive team in the Southwest. The Gambler's name was chosen to keep the Vegas identity. The logo features a rugged desperado holding aces in one hand and a footy in the other. The colors were chosen to also represent the city and to keep the hometown flavor in this tradition rich sport.

Los Angeles Swans

Established 2006 when they won the inaugural Wallaby's Cup

Louisville Football Club

The Louisville Cats Australian Rules Football Club came into existence in the summer of 1996 when Louisville resident and Aussie Rules enthusiast, John Harrell, found a spark of interest on the internet from the Cincinnati area in terms of playing a game of Australian Football. Little did 'Papa John' know what was ahead of that first communication. Papa John posted flyers around the Louisville Metro area, and built enough interest to have a 15 man squad ready to play the Cincinnati team in the first ever game of Australian Football played in the United States

Milwaukee Bombers

The Milwaukee Bombers Football Club was formed in 1998 by Paul O'Keeffe, Dale Parsons and Anne Bolton. In those early days it was simply a kick around at a local Milwaukee High School with a couple of homesick Aussies

Minnesotta Freeze

Australian Rules football, or 'footy' as it is colloquially known, is a non-stop thrill - a fast, competitive, physical, and high scoring team game. In its first three years of competition at the National level the Minnesota Freeze have had remarkable success by winning two championships; Division 3 in 2005 and Division 2 in 2007. Coupled with that on-field success has been the outstanding growth both on and off the field, as it has developed from a team into a fun social club as well. If you are looking to get involved in sports, looking for something new or perhaps just want to see what footy is all about: join the Minnesota Freeze Footy Club today. New Players Are Always Welcome!!!

Nashville Kangaroos

The Club is dedicated to fostering the national and international amateur sports competition of Australian Rules Football and Netball. This mission is achieved by:

  • Playing and promoting Australian Football
  • Playing and promoting Netball
  • Providing an Australian, New Zealand, and American Business Network
  • Hosting Cultural events throughout the year

New York Magpies

The New York Magpies were formed in 1998 by Eric "Chucky" Kallhovd, an American who fell in love with the game while studying in Melbourne. Off the field the club organizes fund raising events throughout New York City which help to raise funds for the club and various charities. On the field the Magpies won the Second Division at the 2001 USAFL National Championships. If you would like to play footy for or be involved with the Magpies, or be informed of future New York Magpies Fund Raising Events, please visit our website at

North Carolina Tigers

The North Carolina Tigers are headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and actively promote and play Australian Rules Football across the state. The club was founded in November 1997, with the first training session in early Spring 1998. It was founded by an American who figured that the time was right for Footy in the USA. The Tigers are a USAFL Club and are affiliated with the Eastern Australian Football League (EAFL). The EAFL is comprised of teams from New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore/Washington and the North Carolina Tigers. Currently, the Tigers are placed in Division II of the USAFL National standings.

Orange County Bombers

July 19 1998 marked the birthday of the Orange County Bombers. Born out of a need by the Southern Californian teams to form a competition and the fact that several Los Angeles Crows players lived in Orange County, the "Bombers" became the fourth of the foundation member teams in the USA first league competition the CAFL.

Philadelphia Hawks

Our Club began in 1998 as the Philly Crows by our founder Chris Hasson (US) and consisted of 5 to 6 eager players meeting in the snow & slush down at the lakes in South Philly. A couple of years back our mother team, the mighty Hawthorn Football Club (Hawks) of Aus, saw our successes and growth & asked us to be their sponsored club here in the US.

Portland Power

The mission of the Portland Australian Rules Football Club is to allow as many men and women as possible to enjoy the fun, fitness, and competition of Australian rules football and to share the atmosphere of an Australian football club. We welcome expatriate Australians and interested Americans equally, as players, officials, or just social supporters. In our games, at least half the team on the field is be required to be American so there is plenty of game time for everyone.

Seattle Grizzlies

The Seattle Grizzlies (formerly Cats) were formed on Grand Final Day 1998 when a few Aussies gathered to watch the game. We have over 200 players and fans on our email list, and had 60 players play at least one game in 2006.

St Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues practice in Forest Park, in the middle of the Central West End in St. Louis City. The Blues practice in a field near the intersection of Lindell and Cricket Dr. in Forest Park, west of the handball courts.

Vancouver Cougars

Looking for players

Vermont Eagles

We have a regular training session every Wednesday at 5.30pm at Fort Ethan Allan on RT 15 in Colchester.


Australians Hoops

Harold Peacock's Australian Hoops, provides national and international basketball news of Australians abroad, and comprehensive coverage of all basketball. A nice site.

Jersey Men's Basketball

Basketball,Channel Islands in the United Kingdom, Island Games Information, League Notes, Events in surrounding area, Other basketbhall links


Guttsa Wicked Cricket Club

Swedish Cricket Club


For the latest Australian cricket news

Gambling and Tattslotto

Tattslotto Page

Official Site of Tattersalls. Includes results of Tatts lotteries.


GolfWeb (international)

Heaps of golf news

Horse Racing

AAP Racing

AAP Racing Centre - news about horse racing everywhere - here you will find about racing from Dubai to Rosehill, from Epson to Caulfield

AAP Racing Centre

A very handy resource for the serious punter. ... All the latest news on runners and riders. The basic information, including fields and results is free, while other services for racing tragics such as form analysis are subscription - SMH

Practical Punting

Australia's first racing newspaper on the Web, brought to you by Practical Punting Monthly magazine.

Motor Sports

Australian Racing Drivers Club

The ARDC have been promoting Motorsport in Australia for over 40 years and now operate Australia's premier motor racing facility, Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney.

Other Sports

sponsor Tipperary Mountain Trekking Centre

Why backpack around Ireland on a coach, stay at rip-off hostels, see more beaches and meet more tourists? Instead, savour the magic of the unspoiled Irish mountains on horseback, chill out at our friendly, comfortable farmhouse and experience the real Irish lifestyle and real value for money.

Lawn Bowls International

Official site of Lawn Bowls International in Australia


One Rugby Place

A fairly comprehensive site for Australian and international rugby news.

Southerners Sports Club

Rugby, Cricket, Touch & Social club for Australians, New Zealanders and other expatriates. Bangkok - Thailand

St. George Dragons

St George Dragons Rugby League Online Go the Saints!


A touch rugby site. It provides a platform for interested players to find games, organise games, or challenge other teams. - A London site

Seasonal Sporting and Results

Cricket news and results


Inside Surfing

online Australian surfing magazine.


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