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Foundation for International Education in the Netherlands information on and exchange within international education in The Netherlands

British School most of it is located in The Hague (ZH)

British School of Amsterdam A van Dyckstr 1, 1077ME Amsterdam, tel: 020-6797840, (NH)

International Schools various localities in the Netherlands

Rijnlands Lyceum in Oegstgeest (ZH)


Many of the universities in the Netherlands offer courses in English, including graduate, post-graduate, and non-degree programmes, and summer courses. Many offer a degree in Dutch Studies.   Here are some to get you started:

Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU )

Erasmus University Rotterdam (ZH) Offers grad, post-grad, and non-degree programmes.

Eurydice Information Network for Education in Europe

Informatie Beheer Groep -The Informatie Beheer Groep is responsible for the execution of several acts and regulations, such as student grants and information management. These acts are commissioned by the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science. International Visitors is intended for foreigners who plan to take up a study or start a career in the Netherlands. The Informatie Beheer Groep also has folders and forms in various languages available-

National Library of the Netherlands

nuffic organization for international cooperation in higher education

Open University of the Netherlands -to make higher education accessible to anyone with the necessary aptitudes and interests, regardless of any formal qualifications. Offers courses and programmes in law, economics, business and public administration, engineering, environmental science, cultural studies and social science. A degree awarded by the Open University of the Netherlands is the equivalent of a degree awarded by a regular university or other institution of higher education.- But most courses and exams are in Dutch.

Techincal University Delft(ZH) Programmes include MSc International Programme, a - Programme for Exchange and Free Mover Students-, and post-grad.

Universiteit Nyenrode - The Netherlands Business School Breukelen (NH)

University of Amsterdam (NH)

University of Leiden (ZH) offers an extensive programme in English: many post-grad, a BA in Dutch Studies, some non-degree programmes. Also Dutch courses, of course of course.

Utrecht University (U) Wide range on offer.  Their University College is an International Undergraduate Campus (the only institute of its kind in Europe) with 400 Dutch students, and 200 foreign students.

Webster University Leiden (ZH) campus of the U.S. university


ACCESS Access is offering a wide variety of worshops and classes (some of those are  First Aid Training in English, Adjusting to life in Holland , Understanding Your Toddler, Talking and Listening to Children,Children and Stress).

acting / theatre course The Department of Acting Amsterdam has produced four acting courses and will start a much demanded fifth one february 16th. Each course is made up of ten intensive workshops led by Debbie Mulholland (New Zealander) and Emma Dingwall (Scot). They mix physicality, voice, classical and original texts to create dynamic theatre. The workshops take a concentrated, in depth look at approaching text, character and improvisation. The course builds up to a performance for an invited audience on the last evening. These evenings have been very succesful in the past. Interested? Call Louise Fozard 06-18048276 or Ingelise de Jongste 078-6933868 for more information.

Big on the Inside (is your weight really physical?) Aussie Jacinta Noonan has a degree in psychology, a qualified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.  She is based in Haarlem and runs workshops both here and in Australia . Further details on the website!

creative writing, dance... Jodette Stabbert is an American writer, designer, artist and (ex) actress, who has lived in Amsterdam for over 30 years.  She offers a variety of courses.  Workshops held in Dutch, unless enough interest for one in English. Email or call her for further details:tel: (020) 6838862, email:

didgeridoo There’s a surprisingly large number of Dutch didge enthusiasts, including many teachers. Courses (and shops in NL where you can buy a didgeridoo) can be found on under the section headed (what else) -didgeridoo-

driving lessons in English International driving and Licensing School of the Netherlands ( see also CARS AND OTHER MOVING THINGS on the MISC page)

international exchange programmes in the Netherlands information from the Dutch Dept of Immigration

IntertaaL not a site, it’s a bookshop, specialising in language books (over 150 languages, including Dutch). They have a useful online order system - many language schools are listed, so you only have to click on your language course and it gives you a list of which books you need. (NL)

Life Coaching for Expats Julie Ferguson (also hosts -Love Immigrants - see General Expat Info Sites) is a life coach who assists - expats around the globe to achieve their dreams and enjoy the expat/immigrant lifestyle

misc courses (most courses in Dutch) general info page for courses you can do - many will take you even if you don’t speak Dutch

poetry & writing -an international collective of writers- whose -aim is to promote the community through our various projects, give it forum and showcase, to bring the world's attention to the thriving and diverse energy of the Dutch literary scene while simultaneously bringing the Netherlands the world-. Not exactly a course, although they do also have workshops.  The workshops aim to inspire work, to develop existing work and to cultivate a writing habit. It is for writers at all stages and is open to all genres whether fiction, poetry, non- fiction, or screenwriting. You can join in at any time.   Cost of workshops vary: from € 8 for the Poetry Critique Group evenings, to € 150 for the Comedy Writing workshop.

theatre - The In Players not a course, strictly speaking, but as they put it they’re -always open to new members who would like to start a new life on stage or back stage-. All the money they earn from ticket sales goes into new productions, so you wouldn’t get paid, but you would get the experience, and have buckets of fun!  The In Players are the oldest English speaking theatre company in Amsterdam . Their productions include plays by contemporary authors, pantomimes, musicals and original plays written by members of the company. Their audience includes the English speaking community in Holland, teachers of English, students, and others interested in theatre in the English language.  Interested?   Contact Nina on

Travel Active Dutch organisation who assist with high school study exchange programmes (e.g. Aussies coming to NL).

volksuniversiteit (courses in Dutch) You’ll find a -people’s university- in most Dutch towns.  They offer courses, many in the evening or on the weekend, for a variety of interests, at reasonable prices. Although some offer certificates, they’re mainly for fun. You can also offer yourself up to give a course (minimum pay though). Check with the course teacher if you need to speak Dutch or not.

yoga classes Daily Hatha Yoga classes in Amsterdam in English.  They currently have several Aussie students.  Classes are taught within the Hatha Yoga tradition, based on the systematic practice of yoga postures and breathing; movement, bodywork and meditation. Elements of yoga philosophy such as qualities of mind, like honesty and non-violence, are addressed and cultivated through the practice itself. Yoga props and partner exercises are used to support the postures and develop further understanding of the body. This approach also offers the possibility to adjust the postures on an individual basis. For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Leo or Sandra on

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