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Expat Groups


Australian Business in Europe A.B.I.E The Dutch chapter of A.B.I.E. is a professional business association promoting Australian business in The Netherlands. This is a networking group for Australians or for Dutch with Australian business interests and hold a range of events throughout the year. Contact is Ted Stravers 

Australian & New Zealand Club, The Netherlands (ANZC) On Facebook
- A social club connecting people in The Netherlands who share a link to or interest in Australia and/or New Zealand.
Email contact prospective members will always be able to use,

Australians n New Zealanders in

Holland hosted by William Livingstone Some Aussie experiences of the Netherlands. Several expats here keep weblogs of their impressions of life here.  Reading them may reassure you that you're not alone in your experiences here, or give you an idea of what to expect if you're about to move here, or simply give you a good laugh!


Amsterdam Book Club English-speaking expatriates and locals that meet once a month to broaden reading experiences, read more critically and get more out of it, meet new people, and socialise over a couple of glasses of wine. Members suggest books to read (classics as well as contemporary) They run a small Yahoo!group site and would love to welcome new members. Contact or

Balans multicultural women's group based in Dordrecht (ZH), (NL)

Connect International organisation serving the international community in Friesland, Drenthe, Groningen, and Overijssel, with the support of professional and volunteer staff, and help familiarise newcomers with the social, cultural and commercial aspect of the North Netherlands.

ELYNX English Speaking Community in the Netherlands incredibly useful site, with activity listings, classifieds, services (including many from/for members), and lots of other useful bits of information.

Expats in the Netherlands  - for fun-seeking expats to organise regular social get togethers in the Netherlands: drinks, dinner, movies, clubbing, day trips, book swaps, silly adventures, etc.

expatica (then select Netherlands) site for English speaking expats with classifieds, discussion board (with a special section for Australians), news and loads of info

Gone Dutch - For anyone who has relocated to The Netherlands or is planning to. English is the preferred language. This is not a place for personal insults."  They've obviously had some bad experiences already - Location: the Hague (ZH)

Grapevine English Speaking Women's Group - Amstelveen  (NH) informal group, meets every 3rd Wed of the month, at the community centre behind Groenhof shopping centre in Amstelveen (near Sportlaan). Each month has a different event, such as a talk from a man in the FBI on serial killers, a man came to talk about his book on horoscopes and partners, another month we all made a Xmas Wreath from scratch. We have quiz nights, to craft nights, to pot luck supper nights. Lots of fun and different ideas.

Haarlem Shuffle  excellent (non-commercial) info and contact website for English speakers in Haarlem and thereabouts, but they are gradually expanding their scope.  Host Doug also runs part of the site for the cricket club in Haarlem

Hague Online for expats by expats (English).

International Womens Club South Limburg location: Maastricht (L)

Kinky Expats (no website - what a pity, I hear you say) I think the name says it all!  They meet up in Amsterdam on the last Wednesday each month to introduce you to the scene.  Contact:

Lawine is an organisation of Dutch women with foreign partners (NL)

MyHaarlem  social network for professionals in the Haarlem and Amsterdam area

Rotterdam People for expatriates to meet, mingle, and organize casual outings in and around Rotterdam

T.G.I. Friday in the Hague (no website) Meet on Fridays (surprise!) for drinks.  Contact: Location: the Hague (ZH)

Undutchables The Meeting Point message board of the site of the book!  - for posting messages or lurking. The subject matter is Holland, Dutch and ex-pats. Aussies are welcome.

VIP Social Group (no website) location: Assen (Dr) Weekly drinks after work.  Contact: Denis Wood

What's Brewing in the Hague (no website) meet first Wednesday each month, for drinks and eats. Location: the Hague (ZH)

Words in Here "an international collective of writers" whose "aim is to promote the community through our various projects, give it forum and showcase, to bring the world's attention to the thriving and diverse energy of the Dutch literary scene while simultaneously bringing the Netherlands the world".  Not exactly a course, although they do also have workshops.  The workshops aim to inspire work, to develop existing work and to cultivate a writing habit. It is for writers at all stages and is open to all genres whether fiction, poetry, non- fiction, or screenwriting. You can join in at any time.  Cost of workshops vary: from Euro8 for the Poetry Critique Group evenings, to Euro150 for the Comedy Writing workshop.


Australians in and Abroad A yahoo group for sharing expat experiences.

Australians International

Homesick  Set up for Aussies everywhere. News, information and forums. 

Southern Cross Group Extremely informative website for all expat Australians. To quote: "The Southern Cross Group is an international non-profit advocacy organisation which speaks on behalf of the some 860,000 Australians who live overseas. The Group tries to work for changes to existing law and policy where these adversely impact the Australian expatriate community."


e-Business Nomads international site, based in Switzerland

International Swap "A help for expats who wish to have a little something of home. Food will be the main swap but for others, calendars, flags, souvenirs, will also be swapped. Limits will be set on the monetary amount for swaps and no extravagance accepted. It is the little things that count. If you miss things from home or maybe you are just curious on trying things or collecting items from foreign countries, then this is the place for you."

Small Planet These tales started out as a subversive e-zine put out by American foreign service spouses who offered ‘real post reports' has now expanded to include a magazine of creative writing about expat life and forums. There is a page on Sweden.

The Trailing Spouse This is a website for accompanying spouses (wives or husbands) of international expatriates designed to gain insights into the unique challenges and needs of the expatriate trailing spouse. It's the research of international Human Resource academic Yvonne McNulty, an Australian expat living in the US.

Transitions Abroad international site, US based, quote: "an antidote to tourism".  Hmmm.


Dubbelop for raising children with more than one language (NL)

Expat Moms As you can tell from the name, it's American based but still has information relevant to mums everywhere.

Family Life Abroad This site is American based but contains some good information on travelling with children and some good links to kid's sites.

See also the heading "nice things with kids" on the page "NICE THINGS IN THE NETHERLANDS".


Access An international group of English-speaking volunteers who are ready and able to help other English speakers in The Netherlands. Their mission is to assist people relocating to The Netherlands and ease their adjustment throughout their stay.  Their website is very for English speakers new to the Netherlands - loads of practical advice

Autonoom  okay, they're not actually an expat group, but- they have an excellent website (in English too) with a lot of info over migrants and anti-racism, and they have a "no border network" so I reckon they qualify for inclusion.  (I've never actually met a Dutch autonoom - I hope they aren't as scary as their German counterparts)

Bureau Opvang Nieuwkomers - literally: Reception Office for Newcomers - all foreigners living in Amstelveen, Uithoorn and Ouder-Amstel. Info on Dutch language classes and work. BON works together with the Dutch Social Security Office and Employment Office. (NL)

Expat Access worldwide online service for international relocation

Expat Solutions new company set up to help anyone coming to live in the Netherlands.  Offer: accompanied tours, partner support, personal shopping, orientation of your neighbourhood and more.

Southern Cross Group an excellent and informative site for all Aussie expats!

Vada- Multicultural Portal extremely useful site full of links, many for within the Netherlands, but also worldwide, regarding multicultural issues (NL)

Xpat Dutch information page for newcomers to Holland


COC Netherlands organization for gay and lesbians in the Netherlands, and the largest and oldest in Europe. Lots of useful info and links, including legislation covering gays and lesbians in the Netherlands.

FLAG NI (Foreign Lesbians and Gays in the Netherlands) English-speaking social group that meets once a month, second Sunday afternoon of the month. No agenda, no hierarchy - just drinks, informal chat and a laugh, and maybe even a bit of networking. Dutch partners welcome too. Venue: Queen's Head, Zeedijk 20, Amsterdam (NH) at a canalside table near the back of the bar. Kicks off at 4pm. No website, contact is Gordon Cramb

Gaymix COC Rotterdam (ZH) special group focussing on lesbian women and gay men coming from outside the Dutch culture; offers help, support and assistance; and has a dance and café night.

Gayswim Amsterdam (ZH) the biggest gay / lesbian swim and water polo club in the Netherlands.  Members include Aussies Richard Keldoulis (see Pinkpoint, below)

Pinkpoint Gay and lesbian info kiosk situated at the homomonument in Amsterdam, and co-owned and co-run by Australian Richard Keldoulis.  The webpage has lots of info and links.  Richard goes back to Sydney every year, so he's well in touch with both countries, and he is happy to be contact person for any other gay or lesbian Aussies here.  (email via the pinkpoint website)


australie.pagina a Dutch website with links to all sorts of Australian things, mainly for Dutch interested in Australia, but he's now added a section for us, "sites voor Australiërs"

aboriginal.pagina similar page to the above link, but with specifically Aboriginal links - again, more for the Dutch than for Aussies

The Undutchables based on the best selling book - a humorous look at the Netherlands and the Dutch.  The site has a messageboar for "lurking on".


I put it in for those who, like me, plan to take a chunk (or in my case, a hunk) of Holland back with them - this will give my hunk something to appease his homesickness with.  You may also just find yourself missing the Netherlands if/when you move back to Australia ... the sudden craving for a kroket, drop or haring ...

Bruna - books One of the big Dutch bookshop chains offers Dutch books online - the usual  prices but with low freight costs. (NL)

Dutch Australasian Link  The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre Ltd has as its aims and objectives the collection, preservation, promotion and dissemination of Dutch culture and heritage in Australia. It also aims to be a broad based source of information, advice, assistance and interest for the benefit of people of Dutch nationality or descent in Australia as well as for the wider Australian community.

Dutch-Australian useful page of links from Tom Ammerlaan

Dutch Online Australië   lots of useful links for Dutch living in Oz, or Dutch visitors. (NL)

emigration links (NL)

escape artist  info for emigrants (not just Dutch) to a variety of countries.

expat links all sorts of useful links (NL)

expat plus media for Dutch expats

Golf: An Aussie profgolfer John Bleys has interesting sites for those who love golf. It could also help John a bit by underwriting his training: and John's own website

Intercultural Communication interestingly enough, this site is from the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute.  It offers courses including:
training in intercultural awareness
training for preparation for a return to the Netherlands
training in teaching NT2 (like TEFL but for Dutch)

IT jobs written by expat Dutch ITers (NL)

Job Search site Australian government site

Newcomers Network excellent site for helping newcomers (foreign or Aussie) settle into a new life in Australia.

Records on Dutch Migration to Australia

Roots in Holland NL govt site for Dutch emigrants and expats (and I'm sorry - I can't help it - this websites name makes me laugh each time! The Dutch language version, Heimwee naar Holland, doesn't have nearly the same ring to it.)

weather in Holland - and it's grey skies and rain again folks! (NL)

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