ACCESShttp://www.access-nl.orgJennifer Stekkinger works as a volunteer for a non-profit organization called "ACCESS" We help the english speaking community with the difficulties of moving and living in the Nehterlands. We help with all sorts of things from finding a place to live, how to find employment, groups and clubs for english speakers and we deal with tough issues for families like finding a doctor, dentist, having a child and finding schools. We do have many Aussies working for us as well calling on us for our help once they get here. We help take the stress out of dealing with the change; anyone needing assistance can feel free to give us a call at 020 423 3217.


Ayers Rock www.ayersrock.nl all in Dutch, offering more than 20 activities for private and business, Australia being the constant theme in their program.


clothing conversion table http://www.cairnsconnect.com/visitor/clothingsizes.asp especially for Aussie clothing sizes

conversion tables http://www.onlineconversion.com/ convert any measures to another:
clothing sizes
temperatures from C to F and back again
cooking quantities (e.g. tablespoons of flour to grams of flour)
actually, anything you can think of, and then some (there's a great section called 'fun stuff')
Amex also have a conversion site at http://travel.americanexpress.com/travel/personal/resources/tools/conversion_charts/ including one for clothing (in case you don't agree with the size the other one calculates you are now!)

consumer info http://www.askanowner.nl/ info and experience exchange site for when you're about to buy something, do something, move into a different field of work, or even if you're thinking about becoming a vego or (gasp) a parent.The site is set up in Dutch, but they have thoughtfully taken non-Dutch speakers into consideration.If you click on a category (which is listed in Dutch) then you'll see postings from various people, and they have little flags to indicate the languages they speak, so if you see a little Union Jack, then you can email that person in English to ask them a question. (NL)

currency exchange rate calculator http://www.xe.com/ucc/

email listing / search http://www.e-mailgids.nl/search.html

Expat Welcome Services : www.expatwelcomeservices.nlOur company organizes workshops for expats in which we give them information that will help their transition to life in the Neterlans much easier. We inform them about Dutch people, Transportation, medical system, housing market, schools, shopping and much more. Also practical aspects as the strippenkaart will be part of the information


general info on the Netherlands http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/netherlands/

IBAN http://www.ibannl.org it stands for International Bank Account Number, 'an account number formatted according to international standards to uniquely identify a bank account in cross-border transactions between European countries'.It's relatively new, but you may well be asked to provide it when transferring money.You can discover your very own IBAN number on this site.Just key in your Dutch bank account number.If you have an unhealthy interest in financial matters, you can read more about IBAN here.

lost pets http://www.amivedi.nl/ (NL) central agency for registration of lost or found animals.Website is in Dutch only, but call them if you have a lost or found animals for advice, and they will probably be able to find someone to speak English.Tel: 035-6013487

maps of the Netherlands http://www.embassyworld.com/maps/Maps_Of_Netherlands.html/

pagina.nl Very useful for anything you could be looking for on the Dutch web.Each page (pagina) is not a website as such, but a list of links related to that topic.Each page is hosted by a volunteer with a particular interest in thatr subject.http://www.pagina.nl/ gives you a list of all of the current 'daughter' pages.If you have a specialised interest yourself, and have at least 100 links, you can apply to host a page yourself.Some examples of paginas: useful stuff like links to animal hotels and air tickets, but also links for stuff like pizzas, Britney Spears, cat breeders, and (one of my favourites) capybaras.You name it, there's a page for it.


Dutch white pages http://www.nationaletelefoongids.nl/ (NL)

Dutch yellow pages http://www.goudengids.nl/ (NL)

an alternative 'phone book' http://www.ikhebje.nl/ this site is like a phone book that works backwards - you enter the postcode, address or telephone number of someone and it gives the other details, although it doesn't work for all numbers or codes.Of, and it's in Dutch! (NL)


Cheap phone calls to Australia are possible - you can pay as little as 1c per minute!! There are several companies you can subscribe to which offer vastly reduced rates, and it's quite legal. You have to apply to become a subscriber so that they can check out your creds.No joining fee, no monthly fee, no minimum per month.After you've been accepted, you can choose between pre-programming your phone so that it always calls via that company, or you can use it for just selected calls. They will give you all details (you do it yourself by keying the codes in on your phone).You can choose to change back to KPN or another company at any time (again, you do it yourself, so there's no chance of them 'forgetting' to change you back).When choosing your company, see what tariffs they offer for the countries you are likely to use a lot, as they vary.You can even have your mobile phone calls through them.
Note 1: the very cheapest rates are for calls to landlines in
Australia - i.e. not to mobiles
Note 2:
Don't be concerned if you've been babbling away for a while and suddenly a pre-recorded Dutch voice cuts in and you're cut off. It means you've been talking for two hours, and it's just a security measure for your sake!You're free to just hang up and hit redial (it's what I do!)

teledump http://www.teledump.nl/english.php3 This is different system to the many subscriber phone companies, as detailed below.With this one you don't need to register with them, nor are there any further fees.You enter a code followed by the usual telephone.There is a flagfall of 4.5c per call. You pay for these on your KPN phone bill - they will be listed under the section '0900 service nummers'. * list of countries
* cost per minute using teledump ('cpm' column) - this is including VAT
* their respective codes ('toegangsnr.' column)
Australia, you use the following codes:

0909 1817 for calls to landline phones (i.e. not mobiles) - currently 5c/min
0909 1824 for calls to mobile phone numbers - currently 30c/min
in both cases followed by the usual number, e.g. to call the number 987654321 in
Melbourne, you would call:
0909 1817 0061 3 987654321

bel1649 http://www.bel1649.nl/english.php3 The latest of the cheap subscriber companies, and currently the cheapest. Rates to Australia c/min, or c/min if pre-programmed.They also have monthly specials e.g. they will offer 1c/min to certain countries (in May 2003 it was Australia).Tel: 0800 - 1649 (free call).(NL)

3u www.3u.net/nlBit of an overwhelming site, I found, and couldn't find an English language option, but the rates are good - Australia 6.8c/min.

One Tel http://www.onetel.nl/ Aussie owned company (run by the Murdoch and Packer sons, or so it goes).Rates for Australia: 14c/min, or 10c/min if pre-programmed.Their English language site is still under construction.Tel: 0800 - 1658 (free call) and press 1 to get someone to explain the whole thing to you. (NL)

Tele 2 http://www.tele2.nl/ Rates from 12c/min down to 9c/min!Tel: 0800 - 1602 (free call) and press 2 to get a person to talk to. (NL)

EuroCity calling cards If you are in a shared house, in a house with no phone, or just like the mobility of having a card to call from anywhere, you can use a EuroCity 'calling card' - available from telephone shops, internet cafés, and some kiosks and supermarkets. With Eurocity card you can call an Australian landline for around 600 minutes.Also handy for when one is out and about at night and need to phone home.Some cards can even be used in phone boxes all over Europe.(Thanks to Roy Sharma for this tip!)
NB: When buying one, make sure you make it clear that you want a phone card to use in a phone box, NOT on a mobile phone - if they don't sell these cards they may think you mean a card to reload your mobile.
(There are other calling cards available, but I haven't been able to find the names of any so far.Any hints?)


http://internetcafe.pagina.nl/ check out the listings under the heading 'Nederland'

http://www.cybercafe.com/country.asp?selectcountry=Netherlands part of an international listing


Civil Aviation Authority Netherlands http://www.divisieluchtvaart.nl/algemeen/htm/s_algemeen.htm

driving lessons in English http://www.driveright.nl/ International Driving and Licensing School of the Netherlands

Dutch auto club - ANWB http://www.anwb.nl/ as in most countries, membership has various advantages, such as free maps, cheaper entry to various places, etc. Emergency roadside help costs extra. (NL)

Dutch drivers licence office http://www.cbr.nl/default.html then click on "other languages" in the column on the left.It tells you whether your licence is valid or not - an Aussie on is valid for 185 days after your arrival, i.e. 6 months.You can do the theory and practical driving test in English for an extra fee ( in a group, if individually! Yet again, motivation to learn Dutch fast)

renewing your Dutch licence from abroad Dutch drivers (or re-issue after loss/theft) Your licence can only be renewed in the Netherlands.Dutch Embassy can send you an application form. If you are no longer a resident in the Netherlands (registered at the municipal council) you will need proof of residence of the country you're in. This can be issued by the Netherlands Embassy in your area.

Motorcycle Club for the Handicapped http://www.mmvg.nl/ (no, they don't mean for the blind!) They assist the handicapped - mainly with prosthese etc - in getting their licence.(NL)


Royal Dutch Motorcycle Club http://www.knmv.nl/ membership entitles you to roadside help, free Shell Easypay, discounts on their courses, lots of other discounts at various shops, etc(NL)


Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information http://www.rdw.nl/eng/index.asp (i.e. the rego office)


Royal Netherlands Transport Association http://www.knv.nl/ for trucks, buses, taxis and public transport drivers (NL)


altavista http://nl.altavista.com/ (NL)

google http://www.google.nl/(NL) my personal favourite

ilse http://www.ilse.nl/ (NL)

lycos http://www.lycos.nl/ (NL)

search http://www.search.nl/ (NL)

vindex http://www.vindex.nl/

NL menu http://www.nl-menu.nl/nlmenu.en/nlmenu.shtml not a search engine, but a good portal

see also info about the http://www.pagina.nl/ detailled above in 'GENERAL'



Centre for Genealogy and Heraldry http://www.cbg.nl/english/englishpag.htm official site

Database of Surnames in the Netherlands http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/nfd/nfd_eng.html

Dutch Gen Web http://www.rootsweb.com/~nldwgw/

Dutch provincial archives - linkshttp://www.archief.nl/rad/

Go Dutch Genealogy Guide http://www.godutch.com/genealogy/roots.htm

Holland Family History http://www.hfh.nl/ especially Friesland

NedGen http://www.nedgen.com/

Rijksarchiefdienst site http://www-lias.rad.archief.nl/genlias/ara/home?cid=12505796&cmd=lang&xtr=2


ISS http://www.iss-ssi.org/ International NGO based in Geneva which can help in:
*liaising in recontacting parents of adopted children where international boundaries are concerned (e.g. you were born in Holland but ended up with adopted parents in Australia)
*assisting with international custody decisions (e.g. orphaned child with family in NL and Australia)
They facilitate communication between social services in various countries, and have branches in over 100 countries. Further info can be gained from Fiom (who act for ISS in the
Netherlands) http://www.fiom.nl/ Tel: 073 - 6128821



212 Aussie webcams http://www.australianlivecams.com/ all sorts: city, country, beach, schools, private ones

Aussie beaches www.surfcam.com.au


Aussie folk songs http://crixa.com/muse/songnet/songs.html

Aussie weather http://www.australianweathernews.com/

Schoolfriends http://www.schoolfriends.com.au/ find your old schoolfriends from Australia or NZ - I got an email from my very, very bestest friend from high school via this site, after 20 years!

Toxic Custard http://www.toxiccustard.com/australia/ a fun site where you can ask anything at all about Australia, and they also have a great section on nice arty things around Melbourne (the place I still call home, sort of) http://www.toxiccustard.com/melbourne/

Vegemite http://www.vegemite.com.au/ worth it just to hear the song


boys! have something to aim for! http://www.plassticker.nl/en/index.htm

Dutch maps from 1652 http://odur.let.rug.nl/~welling/maps/blaeu.html Some beautiful old maps of Dutch cities from Blaeu's Toonneel der Steden from 1652

Wilhelmus - the Dutch National Anthem http://www.wilhelmus.nl/ not as boring as the site sounds and not only because this is a national anthem with truly weird lyrics.The site also includes some favourite 'alternative' national anthems (like Waltzing Mathilda for us), including 'Hup Holland Hup' which is a football favourite. You can also hear folk anthems of the Dutch provinces. (NL)


girls! you can aim for things too! www.restrooms.org/standing.html useful for when camping and there are nettles about...

desk top clock http://www.yugop.com/ver3/stuff/03/fla.html a nice one, but you can get RSI just by looking at it

national anthems http://www.thenationalanthems.com/ Find your favourite national anthem. My favourites are Uruguay and Senegal - great tunes, stirring lyrics.I love San Marino's lyrics, was stunned by Liechtenstein's tune, and was surprised at just how jolly Saudi Arabia's is.And if you don't already know it, check out the translation of the Dutch national anthem - rather a bizarre first verse...

urban legends www.urbanlegends.com This site dispels or confirms myths about all sorts of things, e.g. can you really see the Great Wall of China from the moon? (No - answered by several astronauts.)Do teaspoons in the champagne bottles really keep the bubbles in?(No - laboratory tests by Champagne companies)Did Richard Gere really do it with a gerbil, and is Jamie Lee Curtis actually a hermaphrodite?All these questions and more are answered...

3D paper models http://bj.canon.co.jp/english/3D-papercraft/ download (free!) a pattern for 3D models of the Sydney Opera house, Aussie animals, or hey! perhaps even the Norwegian Bunad wedding dress!


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