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Antipodean Love Antipodean Love"is an exciting concept store of gorgeous handmade Australiana and Kiwiana gifts. We like to think of ourselves as a classy souvenir store where you can buy and send gifts with love from the heart of Australia and New Zealand."

Kangaroo & Emu Meat The Dutch have two sorts of shops which sell meat: the slagerij which sells 'normal meat, and the poelier, who sells poultry and usually game meat (wild) as well.I've often seen kangaroo, emu, and sometimes even more exotic stuff at the poelier, as well as at poelier stalls at markets.Aldi had frozen kangaroo meat for a while, too. If you really want some and you can't find any, ask your local poelier if he can get some for you.

International Swap Another possibility! 'A help for expats who wish to have a little something of home. Food will be the main swap but for others, calendars, flags, souvenirs, will also be swapped. Limits will be set on the monetary amount for swaps and no extravagance accepted. It is the little things that count. If you miss things from home or maybe you are just curious on trying things or collecting items from foreign countries, then this is the place for you.


Australian Fine Wines We sell Australian Wines in Belgium. Katrin Stoelen Import & distribution of exclusive Australian & New Zealand wines Australian Fine Wines Bvba - Werf 13, 2500 Lier - Belgium tel: +32 34807595 - gsm: +32 495270465

You should be able to find a selection of Aussie wines, from el cheapo to reasonable, in many supermarkets now - Albert Heijn has quite a few, and most booze shops (slijterij) sell a range of them as well.

de Bierlijn in Breda (NBr) tel: 076-5140475 can sometimes get their hands on VB as well as Bundi!Thanks to Wout from the Walkabout Café in Breda for this tip

Fosters The super friendly Sales Manager for Fosters in the Netherlands, Maarten Tegenbosch , has offered us the following consumer price (Do check this price first please):
* Foster's Longneck One Way bottle in a 24 x33 cl box for Euro 25.99 (incl. VAT)
* for a minimum of 3 kegs (3 x 30 lt = 3 x 120 x 25 cl. glasses = 360 glasses) they can arrange a mobile tap
* for every party, Foster's branded glasses or plastic cups and coasters can be delivered free of charge
* further promotional items will become available Maarten's final comment: 'If you have a party in Holland, please let me know, so that I can make an offer you can't refuse! For every party, small or big, we make an offer for the prices, pos and deliveries.
Any enquiries to Alken Maes  on tel: +31 162 572410, fax: 0485?576712,

De Bierkoning Paleisstraat 125, Amsterdam(next to the Paleis on the Dam), tel: 020?6252336. (Note: this is a beer SHOP, not bar!) Their range of 850 different sorts of beer includes several Aussie ones, viz:
VB ! ! ! ! (in bottles & tinnies)
Coopers (mostly Sparkling Ale)
James Boags
Castelmaine XXXX (tinnies)
Fosters (tinnies and in various bottle)
Not all are in stock all the time, but they generally have an assortment. (Thanks to Roy Sharma for this tip!)

Jos Beeres Wijnkoperij located in Groningen (Gr) but also an online shop.Specialise in Margaret River and other Australian wines, alongside wine from other countries. (NL)

Two Dogs is now available in Albert Heijn supermarkets!(Thank you Stephanie for that one!)

Twensch Wijnhuis located in Vasse, carries an assortment of

World of Wines Small range of wines from South Eastern Australia in this online shop. Delivery costs: less than a dozen bottles  6.55, more than a dozen bottles  4.35. (NL)

other Australian wine importers NOTE: some of these will only supply wholesale:


Arkwright's British Isles Food Emporium Rozengracht 13, Amsterdam,tel: 020-3200710 (NH)

British General Store Kinkerstraat 39, 1053 DD Amsterdam, tel: 020-6836191 (NH)

Chattertea Not actually a shop - it's a 'Traditional English Catering & Party Service. But if you're hankering for the sort of afternoon tea spread that you get in country tea shops in Australia, then book a do with them.The website is (strangely) in Dutch only, but the dishes are all 'English speakers. They also do wedding cakes. (NL)

Covent Garden Oudegracht 109, Utrecht (U), tel: 030-2340112

Thomas Green's A British food store, but also have a range of Australian food including Tim Tams, Allens products, PROPER milo, LARGE jars vegemite, Twisties and more! 


Koek & Co, Burchtstraat 81, Nijmegen (Gld), tel: 024-3221824

Lunch-in-a-Box Galerij 3, Uden (NB) between Oss and Veghel, tel: 0413-270265 Dutch owner, but the pies are made by an Aussie living in Eindhoven who used to work in a pastry shop in Sydney.Peter brought a big box full to the Aussies in Holland summer barbie in 2003 and we all agreed they were scrumptious!About Euro 20 for 6 pies.

BELGIUM - Everberg (near Brussels) large British store, which also sells pies!


Be warned - you can only really get the teensy weensy jars of the Black Gold in Holland, and it'll cost you upwards of  2 for that!All the same, you do what you have to for an addiction and here's where you can get your fix.

Covent GardenOudegrachtr 109, Utrecht (U), tel: 030 2340112.


About Australia As well as a range of Aussie sweets, they specialise in Australian maps and all sorts of koala items.

AussieBest a new supplier of Aussie products (not food) including some less common ones: Australian wood products; roo skins; emu, ostrich and kangaroo leather products; and even lots of golf clothing!

Aussie Favourites based - has had rave recoomendations on the Aussies Abroad messageboard

Australia Shopping World based in Germany

Down Under Shop run by Aussie Gary Iden.Surprisingly, in German only.

Great Aussie Food They have all the favourites such as Tim Tams, Ovaltine, and Aeroplane jelly , as well as stuff like 100s & 1000s and various hampers.And they sell Vegemite from tiny party favour sizes to the 2.5kg tub.

oz E grub UK based

Tuckerbox Our range of products are in areas as American, Canadian, South African and New Zealand, along side introducing more Australian and British food and goods. Leiden, Botermarkt 23, 2311EN, tel: 071-5124777


spice terminology

organic vegies This organisation offers organic vegetable subscriptions: each week you receive a variety of fresh, organically grown, seasonal vegies and fruit. They are not delivered to your home; they are delivered to a designated collection point (e.g. a supermarket) in your town or village.Together with the bag of produce you receive info on the grower, recipes, and a newsletter from Odin.It's not only good for you - it also offers organic growers a secure income, and thus encourages more to grow and buy these products.It also stimulates interest in the produce of the region, and variety in your diet!They offer 5 different deals, ranging from  7.00 to  12.50 per weekly package. The site is in Dutch only, but you can call or email them, and no doubt there will be an English speaker to help you.Tel: 0345-575154, or (NL)

passionfruit You can buy these at most greengrocers that have a big range - even Albert Heijn supermarkets have them sometimes.

Queensland Blue pumpkins you can sometimes buy these around October, when lots of Dutch buy pumpkins of all sorts to place in front of or in their houses as part of an autumn decoration (or at least they do in Zuid Holland).There is a fanatical hobby pumpkin grower in Benthuizen, near where I live, and he grows about 20 different sorts every year, including the Queensland Blue, the Jarrah, butternuts, and even spaghetti squash.I always buy the ones that are not so pretty and get a discount. As far as I know I'm the only one who comes to buy them for eating!I've kept the seeds and grown them myself the following years too, so they're fertile.If you have a local pumpkin grower, ask him if can grow these for you (tell him they're huge, solid and look great) or if you have a garden, get the seeds yourself and grow some. You can find my pumpkin bloke in Benthuizen (near Zoetermeer) on Zegwaartseweg, close to the Kwik-Fit place there (he has big signs out when it's pumpkin time, and humungus pumpkins on display).

Dutch cheese yes, a website all about cheese - this is the Dutch section


Aboriginal Art & Instruments>Amsterdam (NH), tel: 020-4231333 (also offer workshops, e.g. didge)

Australian Treasures Walstraat 17, 4381 ED Vlissingen (Zld), tel: 0118-440114 - musical instruments (didges again probably!)

Outback Acoustics Delfzylstr 93, 6835CM Arnhem (Gld), tel: 06-14245349 'music instrument production and wholesalers. Not sure they sell didges too, but I think it might be a good guess


Australian cattle dogs And blue heelers in Holland too! This site will make all dog lovers homesick!

Australian Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club (in Holland)

Australian Cattledog Community in Europe more Blue Heelers

Semillas La Palma German company based in Mallorca which sells an enormous range of Aussie plants, including flowering gums, bottlebrush, wattles, banksias, tea trees, grass trees.They also sell via the German ebay.They will sell and send outside of Germany if you pay by Paypal AND if you will carry the Paypal fees. The catch: the site is completely in German! But: owner Peter does speak English.

eBay Germany I found several Aussie plants for sale here. To find them, from the homepage, click on 'Haus & Garten then 'Garten then in the search ('suche) field enter 'australien and tick the box 'nur in Garten. You'll get a list of Aussie plants on sale. Not all sellers ('Verkäufer) will sell/send outside of Germany. The following will:

world-of-seeds Exotic Seeds La Palma has an enormous range of Australian native plants feuersteinjr (has eucalypts able to cope with the European winter - see his current list of plants on He is now going to add the Aussie names to his site, and is happy to answer any questions (in English) by email: die_gartenfee (her parents used to live in Australia, and she now sells some Aussie plants as a hobby)

Suntec a little further away again - in New Zealand - but they also have a large range of Aussie (and Kiwi) native plants. You can pay by credit card, and they will ship to Europe.Their comments in response to my enquiry: 'Most of the species are native to inland west Australia and so are used to subtropical conditions, but all grow well in our climate in NZ which is temperate marine. I think the desert can get cold at night and in 'winter' too. We do not get snow, and frost only occurs for a few weeks of the year. In harsher climates (eg northern Europe) many of the plants would need to be protected during their early growth and maybe treated as annuals. Some of the most colourful plants are annuals (eg Sturts desert pea), and only grow in summer. Where they have been destroyed by frost some of the plants can re-grow in the spring from perennial root systems (eg the kangaroo paws). Others such as the flowering eucalypts can grow in Alpine areas of Australia and would tolerate freezing. I am sure we could put together a list of suitable plants for your conditions.

Paul Company Dutch based online shop selling Blundies, DrizaBone, etc (NL)

R.M. Williams with details of outlets in NL

Morrant (not the Breaker) online shop whose range includes cricket and rugby gear

Steven Lubbers (ex Captain of Dutch XI) imports cricket equipment and runs his own mobile shop. He can be contacted on tel: 0570-611189.

Wool no website - wool company - far cheaper than in NL even with postal costs - they'll send a sample card, price list and order form if you email them with your address etc

Australian Shop Location: Gent. Aboriginal art, didges, etc.

Stonemanor British Store Location: Everberg (near Brussels ) Well established - over 20 years - and with a large selection: foods, toiletries, magazines, kitchenware, books, videos, party ware, toys and more.Good website.

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