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Aussie Products


Be warned - you can only really get the itsy, bitsy teensy weensy 175g jars in Sweden, and it'll cost you upwards of 36kr for that! Swedes can't understand our love for the stuff. And this from the country that eats surströmming and blodkorv!

Here's what Ole Overgaard wrote in his guide to Australia - " Varning: Äter man frukost i ett australiskt hem, blir man säkert bjuden på vegemite - en svart, klibbig massa som ska bredas på brödet. De flesta australier har vuxit upp med det och ser ut njuta av det. Men det är starkt och smaker fruktansvärt illa"

I don't care where you can buy Marmite, and I don't care where you can find Promite. The only 'mite' I want to know about is Vegemite. I want it on toast, I want it in sandwiches, and I want it squeezed with butter between two Vitaweet biscuits until it comes out of the holes in multi-coloured worms. YUM! (Marie)

Here is "The Official Vegemite page". Help educate the Swedes. Actually it's worth visiting just to hear the song. You can also show them how to eat it at Vegemite for Morons.

I don't care where you can buy Marmite, and I don't care where you can find Promite. The only 'mite' I want to know about is Vegemite. I want it on toast, I want it in sandwiches, and I want it squeezed with butter between two Vitaweet biscuits until it comes out of the holes in multi-coloured worms. YUM! (Marie)

Recipes with Vegemite: Want to learn how to make a Vegemite Milkshake and other goodies? I thought not, but have a laugh with Martin and Molloy anyway! Actually I did the yahoo search and came up with 175 pages with this recipe on it, so it MUST be good, eller hur?

Buying Vegemite in Sweden You used to be able to buy the 'black gold' in both Stockholm and Göteborg at The English Shop.

Update Aussie Abroad Linden writes, "I was in the Stockholm store last weekend. The store has a bit different layout, i asked if they had new owners. The staff member said it was a husband/wife business. She brought his share out and made changes. Amongst the changes is they are no longer stocking Vegemite. Other than 60 :- sek or $10 AUD (a packet of Tim Tams) I will give it a miss." (August 2012)

You can get it from Food From Home based in Denmark. The owner imports over 350 different types of British and American foods which he sells mainly to ex-pats.


There is a selection of Aussie wines from the completely undrinkable crap like Barramundi Wines and things like "Chill-Out Chardonnay" and "Wally's Shed" (hmm, who thinks of these corny names, anyway) to a more reasonable wine at Systembolaget. Unfortunately, they may not be available from YOUR systemet.

Systembolaget Sweden has a fairly restrictive policy towards alcohol, though this may change as a result of pressure from the EU (but I wouldn't hold your breath). At the moment, you can only get alcohol from the relatively few shops of the state monopoly Systembolaget. Queues tend to be long (especially on Fridays and before a public holiday). In order to see what Aussie wines are in YOUR shop, you need to go to the Swedish home page, then head to "Katalogen" and enter a search according to red, white wine etc. You can then select the country of origin of the wine and select your local shop from the menu.

Of course, if you are really desperate to have that bottle of Brown Brothers Chenin Blanc, and it's not at YOUR systemet, you can order it in, if you ask the staff nicely.

Australian Wine Club is the brainchild of expat Aussie Mark Majzner, a former journalist who has settled here in Sweden and imports Aussie wines that he sells in boxed sets (orderable through your local Systemet). His wines are always different, interesting and well worth looking at. Join the club at the AWC website, browse the selection and you can even join a mailing list for the regular wine tasting evenings (great place to network with other Aussies).

Australiskaviner This website is in Swedish, but an ideal resource to pass on to Swedish family and friends who are curious about Australian wines. It discusses wine types, wine growing regions and has a wealth of information about what is available here in Sweden.

Beer Well, what can I say? Hope you like Fosters! That is all you can buy at SOME Systembolaget shops. But not all shops stock it, so you have to check. Though, one reader reports that you can order beers through Systemet. It's expensive, but even my beloved Coopers is available. You need the suppliers address when you order at the Systembolaget. You have to fill in a form and they ring back with the price. The supplier told them (when they rang directly) it was going to cost circa 16kr a bottle and the minimum order was 24. He couldn't tell them the exact price and the guy at Systembolaget had no idea (about anything). The suppliers of the greatest beer are:
Forvaltings AB Tuscana
Tångvägen 2
126 38 Hagersten SWEDEN (08) 325 340

Sparkling (19kr) and Pale Ale (17.50kr per bottle) and stout are available!


Did you know that you can receive today's edition of almost every major Australian newspaper delivered to your door each morning in Stockholm? NewspaperDirect Sweden, managed by Aussie expat James O’Brien has been helping Aussies in Stockholm stay in touch with home since the start of 2009.

We all have the internet, but there is nothing quite like a real full format newspaper to help you get through those cold winter weekends. They have over 100 same-day Aussie newspapers on their network, and 1500 other International newspaper titles available. Top Aussie titles include Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Age, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail and Australian Financial Review. Check out their website for more information and to trial a free copy delivered to your door. Also feel free to contact James directly on 08 5511 3131 and he’ll be happy to chat with you.


The Dancing Dingo pub is located in Göteborg. It is Australian owned and has an excellent reputation. Feedback from Australians Abroad members give it the big THUMBS UP! So you can check out the pub in Gateborg, which has been going strong for 10 years now and can be found at Kristinelundsgatan 16. Their theme is "Home away from home" and it certainly lives up to that. They even have beetroot on the hamburgers (yippee!!).

Reef ‘n Beef There is a rather new restaurant in Göteborg called Reef ‘n Beef which is located close to Järntorget. It is run by a Swedish couple who have lived in Melbourne for five years. The menu is inspired by the multicultural mix in Australia and includes some new, innovative dishes as well as traditional favourites. And yes, they serve pavlova :)


Macadamia Nuts and Spices There is an agent in Stockholm who imports these products from the Cherikoff Rare Spice Company. Neil Ponsonby is a chef at the Hilton in Slussen and he imports a range of nuts, spices like Wattle seed, Native Pepperberry, Mountain Pepper, Lemon Myrtle as well as some teas, oils, chutneys and frozen products. Neil can be contacted at +46 (08) 258863 or by Email


Antipodean Love - An online store for Aussie and Kiwi gifts. "is an exciting concept store of gorgeous handmade Australiana and Kiwiana gifts. We like to think of ourselves as a classy souvenir store where you can buy and send gifts with love from the heart of Australia and New Zealand."

Spirit of Oz is a wonderful shop in Vasastan (Gästrikegatan 16, near St Eriksplan t-bana station), full of Australian designer fashion accessories, scarves and fabrics in wild, fresh colours and designs. It is run by Aussie Rob Manuell and you can check out the range on their website.

Australian Bodycare Products This fabulous range is imported from Australia. The well-known ABC brand features a selection of great natural bodycare products based on that Aussie curative icon - Tea Tree Oil. The range includes pure tea tree oil to use as an antiseptic and for cuts, grazes and insect bites. There are also hair care products, body washes, face creams, body lotions. The products are all natural and very soothing. You can find them at health care shops like Life Hälsobutiken.


Australian Style Vibes This annual promotional event was an initiative from the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) here in Sweden. The inaugural event was held in September 2005, aimed at giving the fashion and design industry, press, consumers and others interested in design in Sweden, a source of information about Australian fashion and design. The aim is also to create an interactive web site for communication and contact making between the Australian and Swedish fashion and design industries.

Aussie's Finest based in Bromma, imports a wide range of colourful, funky UV protective clothing for children, including hats, swimwear and general clothing. The website contains a great deal of information about their range, plus a list of clothing shops the length and breadth of Sweden who stock these great clothes.

Bälrjesson Design is another importing company, this time specialising in outdoor wear (mainly hats, gloves etc). Their website has their full range, price list and stockists throughout Sweden. Included in the range is Australian Overlander leather hats.

Bootskompaniet imports a range of Australian made boots and shoes. Their website lists the full product range, sizing and stockists in Sweden. Brands stocked include the Aussie icons Mongrel Boots and RM Williams.   

Cooee Design is based in the south east of Sweden and in addition to its own beautiful Swedish designed products inspired by the natural world, import Mud Australia porcelain homeware.

Grandpa is an eclectic and unusual shop in the trendy SoFo area of Stockholm. Located on Södermannagatan 21, it stocks a couple of Australian menswear brands, including Melbourne based designer Frederick Gugenberg and Brent Wilson.

MnO International has several retail outlets in Stockholm and Malmö, selling Aussie fashion brands such as Insight, One Teaspoon, sass & bide and Willow. Addresses and details at their website in both Swedish and English.

Model Co This range of Aussie beauty products is available in Sweden from Mrs H in Stockholm (webshop also available).

Redback Boots is the Swedish agent for Akubra, Pure Oz and Redback boots. They are based near Uppsala and have details of shops in Sweden stocking these Australian made products.

Seriously Twisted is a range of beautifully crafted Australian jewellery made by two Sydney based designers, Manuela Rocker and Megan Wisheart. They are available in Sweden through Vanessas Paradis webshop. At the same webshop you can also find Australian bags from Urban Originals, Scott Meyer and jewellery from dj & lane and Ghost & Lola.

Tsubi Jeans (or as they are known outside of Australia, Ksubi Jeans), much loved by Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue are imported to Sweden by the Norwegian Blender Agency. You can email them for a list of stockists in Sweden.


Australien Resor is a travel agency specialising in travel to Australia and New Zealand. Located centrally in Vasagatan in Stockholm, a mere stone's throw from Centralen, they are happy to take care of all of your travel needs to anywhere in the world. Check out their extensive website and feel free to contact Aussie travel agent Jodi Roan who will be delighted to answer your queries.

MyPlanet has travel offices in Stockholm and Göteborg and offers a range of holiday options to Australia and New Zealand. It is based on The Australian New Zealand Friendship Association.


Goodies There are two English Shop stores in Stockholm andt Göteborg. They also offer a mail order service throughout Sweden. As well as stocking Vegemite, they also have Cadbury creme eggs, Milky Bars, Peanut M&M's, Fry's Turkish Delight, Aero Bar (Choc and Choc-mint), Wrigleys Spearmint & Juicyfruit chewing gum, Starburst, Timeout Bar, Wagon wheels, Tic Tacs, Fruit Bonbons, Nescafe Quik, Pop tarts, Coco Pops (just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy!), Weetbix, Spaghetti Rings in tomato sauce, Sausage rolls, Meat pies, Pasties, Maltesers, Crumpets (Yum!) and of course Vegetarian Haggis ... :)

Sälderhallarna, 118 26 Stockholm (tel: 08-640 44 04, fax:08-640 44 06),

Plantagegatan 3, 413 05 Göteborg (Nära Järntorget, vid Beefeater) (tel: 031-24 00 78)

Grays This is an American chain. The Grays shops are not exactly cheap, but there are some things there that you'll recognise like Kraft Macaroni Cheese, Nabisco biscuits, Lifesavers, Tic-Tacs etc. They can also source products, but at a price, of course! They also have recipes, tips and ideas for food preparation.

Odengatan 39 in Vasastan (tel: 08-612 30 40),

Västerlånggatan 14 in Gamla Stan (tel: 08-21 95 00),

Säldra Vallgatan 3 in Malmö (tel: 040-30 38 31)

The English Shop mentioned above has English style bangers in stock. Also worth checking out is Taylor's.

Gälteborg David Taylor, a local Pom is manufacturing a range of real sausages (not that korv stuff they expect us to try and barbeque!) With a range of 31 different sausages, there's bound to be something to your taste. David is very approachable and happy to talk about his products. He is also selling proper English style back bacon. At this stage they are being sold from a pub in Mölndal called The Bridge Inn at Göteborgsvägen 9. He can be contacted at Home: 031459949, Mobile: 0709307744, or at and is happy to send out a price list and brochure to anyone interested. His website is at Taylor's of Sweden.

Groovy Foods An Aussie couple in Göteborg are running a catering company that specialises in delicious, yummy cakes. They make things like Aussie White Chocolate Cheesecake, Apple Cakes, Lime Meringue Pie, Carrot Cakes, Mango Tart, Sacher torte and many others. Theyalso have a selection of Christmas goodies as well as a full catering service. I think I've gained weight just typing that list out! Want to know more or order your food at very reasonable cost (and support a fellow Aussie in the process), contact Lena and Rory on 0704 137792 or visit Groovy Foods.


This subject has sparked quite a bit of discussion on The Pub message board. Yes, Aussie food is available, BUT you have to pay quite a lot for it. You have to realise that they do not get all the goods they sell wholesale as the quantities sold are very low. They have to make a profit to keep in business. So you can't expect to get the goods at the prices you pay in Oz; it is unrealistic. And freight is a big cost, too. You can't expect them to absorb that cost. Also be aware that you will have to pay Swedish import duty too!

Australiana Online has a range of Aussie gift ideas. Australiana Online does not stock foods, but has music, dvd, clothing, placemats, bath and body products, aboriginal arts and crafts and much more.

sponsor Australian Souvenir Gift Shop "Our Australia souvenir gifts deliver the best value in the marketplace and they should be delivered promptly and economically."

Great Aussie Foods This is a new site, based in W.A. GAF have a small range at this stage, but this will be expanded. They have hampers of Aussie goods too. Each month they offer a free competition for a Tim-Tam hamper delivered to your door. You've got to love that!

Australia Shop This shop is based in the UK. It is not cheap, but is fast, so if you just HAVE to have the "Killer Pythons" RIGHT NOW, it may be good. It only takes 3 days rather than several weeks to get your order. The disadvantage is the cost, because the item has already been imported to UK before being sent to you, so you get to pay twice the duty!

Australian Shopping World This website is based in Källn, Germany.

Oz-E-Grub has a small selection of Aussie favourites, but alas, no Ginger Nuts! Oz-e-Grub is UK based.

Koala Express - the cutest Aussie toys on the planet. See the website to order your fluffy 100% Aussie made gift to be delivered anywhere in the world. Proceeds from the site help support the koala foundation. (E)

Lollies The Darrell Lea company offers on-line selling to Sweden. But unfortunately, only varieties of liquorice! As if we aren't already swimming in the stuff here. But it's available if you want the dinky-di stuff from home.

Bikkies You can buy direct from Arnott's, too. They have a small range of their favourites on-line. They have Mint Slice, Various Tim-Tams (no white chocolate, though!), Chocolate Selection, Assorted Cream Selection, Vita Weets (yay, I can make Vegemite worms!), Tiny Teddies, Ginger Nuts (my favourites), Rice Cookies, Family Assorted and BBQ Shapes.

Cadbury's Now don't get excited! They don't sell on-line, but the Cadbury site is worth a visit to window shop, drool, download and listen to Caramello Koala singing and learn why chocolate is just so good for you! The recipe section is a must. Then you know what to ask the on-line shops to get for you.

Tea Tree Oil This and other Aussie natural products can be bought online at Thursday Plantation. There is also a lot of hints for using the products.

Organic Body Care You can order these wonderful body care products from an independent representative for ONE Group, the Organic and Natural Enterprise Group. They sell Australian certified organic products including skin, hair, cosmetic, oral, personal and health care products.  They are all made in Australia and delivered throughout the world.

Magazines Are you missing the Women's Weekly, Bulletin, Burke's Backyard? You can subscribe to them online here at Magshop. Some books are available too.


Here in Sweden, you are always charged customs duty on products bought from the on-line shops. This is something to be aware of when you order so there is no nasty surprise when your goods get to Sweden. Even if you get the service to pack it "as a gift" it is no guarantee that you will avoid paying duty.

Why do customs make you pay for a package when it's a gift?!
The basic rule is that you must pay custom fees and sales tax on all goods that come into Sweden from a country outside of the EU. This is the case whether the item is a purchase or a gift. How much you have to pay in customs and sales tax is based on the value of the gift, including costs for shipping, and usually, insurance or an "administrative and processing fee." If the sender has not marked the value of the gift, there is an alternative way to figure out the customs duty. In the event that the total value of the gift is not more than SEK 500, you do not have to pay customs and sales tax.

To avoid paying customs and taxes for a present that was sent to you from outside the EU, it must be:

a one-time shipment for your or your family's personal use
the stated value of the shipment may not exceed SEK 500, and
the total fees for the entire package must be under SEK 100

If the package contains gifts for more than one person you can also avoid paying customs and taxes if:

the gifts from each giver to each recipient have a value of no higher than SEK 500, and  it is clear who is the giver and who is the recipient

Example 1
Grandma in Australia, sends a package to her daughter Sarah. The package contains presents for Sarah and her children, Martin and Karin. Granny has specified the contents of the package:
Martin is getting a tape player worth 500 kronor and a book worth 600 kronor.
Karin is getting binoculars worth 500 kronor and a shirt worth 400 kronor.
Sarah is getting a glass vase worth 800 kronor.

Both the tape player and the binoculars are duty-free since they are under the value limit. The book is duty-free because the customs tax on books is 0%. However, the sales tax on books of 6% must be paid. Sarah has to pay customs (12%) and sales tax (25%) for the shirt. For the vase, she must also pay customs (11%) and sales tax (25%). The customs fees vary depending on what type of goods are involved.

Example 2
Martin is getting a tape player worth 500 kronor and a book worth 600 kronor.
Karin is getting binoculars worth 500 kronor and a book worth 600 kronor.

Both the tape player and the binoculars are duty-free since they are under the value limit. And no fees need to be paid on the books since customs on books is 0% and book sales tax is 6%, so the total fees for the entire package are under 100 kronor.

Again, customs fees vary depending on what type of goods are involved.

Some goods are never without tax, even if they are presents.
Examples of such items include alcohol and tobacco. You must always pay taxes for both, and you must be 20 years of age in order to take delivery of alcohol items, and 18 years of age to take delivery of tobacco items.

For more information on Swedish customs Rules & Regulations, see Tullverket (in Swedish)

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