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EDUCATION (other than language)


Vittra International school's and Preschool's wants to give children the best environment for their development, we have developed a clear pedagogical direction in which our idea to contribute to enhanced life opportunities through education and learning. A Vittra pre-school or school is built up and specially adapted to our idea and way of working. Our premises are bright, open spaces that encourage learning and also interaction with one another.We want to create the best conditions for children and young people so that they can develop into responsible and aware citizens. At our Vittra International schools we have our vision of internationalism. We appreciate the ways and cultures of Sweden and other contries and also have knowledge and a desire to help the children in our care discover and understand the world around us. . (E)

The National Agency for Education Skolverket is the authority responsible for education at primary and secondary schools. (E)

Ministry of Education and Science Utbildningsdepartementet deals with matters regarding pre-school education and child care for school children, pre-school classes, compulsory school and equivalent schools, upper secondary school, independent schools, adult education, popular adult education, post-secondary education, universities and university colleges, research, study support and student social issues. (E)

International Schools The ISS Directory of International schools in . There is also a list at Parentnet as well as the IBO Directory.(E)

Tanto School in Södermalm is an English language school for children from four years to twelve years located in Stockholm. (E)

Planet Kids A nursery school in Stockholm for English-speaking children aged 1.5 - 6. It is a parent co operative, which means that families take an active part in the school. (E) Other childcare and nursery schools for English speakers can be found at (E)

General Information Check out Sweden Information Smörgåsbord General information on education in Sweden, (pre-school to higher education) (E)

Drama Classes in StockholmKimberley Akester, an English singer and singing teacher has set up the Stockholm International Theatre School, offering Saturday classes for English speaking children aged between 6 and 16. These classes, which are open to everyone, are held at the >International School on Johannesgatan and details of fees, application etc is found on the website. (E)


For general information about what courses are on offer throughout Sweden, check the site. There are details in English.

Blekinge Institute of Technology at Karlskrona.BTH has some courses offered in English through its International School. Details are on the website. (E)

Chalmer University of Technology Chalmers in Göteborg offers Ph.D and Licentiate course programs as well as MScEng, MArch, BEng and nautical courses. (E)

Erika Foundation or Ericastiftelsen is an independent institute providing psychotherapy for children and adolescents, professional training at university level and research. Located in Stockholm.

School of Forestry is a private college which educates Forest engineers. It is based in Filipstad. It is an accredited university. (S)

Götebor University The GU campus offers education and research within the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Arts, Social Sciences, Science and the Schools of Fine and Applied Arts. (S)

Jönköping International Business School The campus at JIBS offers a range of four master's degree programmes: MSc Programme in International Business Administration, MSc Programme in Business Informatics, LLM Programme in Commercial Law, and MSc Programme in International Economics and Politics. (E)

Karlstad University KAU offers 40 programmes and 750 courses in the fields of the humanities, health science, natural science, social science, education and technology. (E)

Institute KI has an international reputation and offers training within the medical and health care sectors. Courses are in Swedish. Information in English.

Kristianstad University HKR is based in the south of Sweden and offers courses in a wide range of fields including Behavioural Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Teacher education (E)

Linköping UniversityThe LIU campus Has courses in arts and sciences and health sciences. (E)

Lund University The Lund campus is >Scandinavia's most complete university, and is engaged in teaching and research on a wide front according to a European tradition which goes back many hundreds of years. (E)

Malmö University MAH is one of the newer universities in Sweden , offering a total of 50 study programmes and over 230 subject courses in Swedish and in English. (E)

Mid Sweden University Mitthögskolan is a multi-campus network university with centres in Härnösand, Sundsvall, örnsköldsvik and östersund. (E)

Mälardalen University MDH is a twin university, located in >Eskilstuna and Västerås which offers approximately 40 educational programs and over 350 individual courses to choose from. (E)

Stockholm Institute of Education Lärarhögskolan in Stockholm is the oldest institute for teacher training in Sweden and the only university in Sweden specialising only in instructing and training teachers. (E)

Stockholm School of Economics SSE offers research-based educational programs in business administration and economics. (E)

Stockholm University The gotland. campus offers undergraduate and graduate education aimed at a wide range of professions, as well as research, within four faculties: Humanities (History-philosophy and languages); Social Sciences; Law; and Natural Sciences (Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences) (E)

Stockholm University College of Physical Education and Sports IHS offers courses in Physical Education Teaching (3 years), Sports Science and Health Science (3 years), Sports Science and Coaching (2 years), Sports Studies (2 years)  (E)

Södertörns Högskola This school is one of the most recently founded university colleges in Sweden, just south of Stockholm (Huddinge).(E)

Summer University of Southern Stockholm SUSS (don't you just love that acronym!) An international venue for a multicultural meeting of the mind, industry and science. Also based at Huddinge. (E)

Umeå University This campus is one of the northernmost universities of the world and offers a campus area that provides a first-class environment for both study and leisure. (E)

University of Borås HiB consists of six academic schools with over 12,000 students. Information is available in both Swedish and English  (E)

University of Gotland, based in Visby, offers classes in Archaeology, Osteo-Archaeology, IT/Business Administration, International, Business Relations, European Studies, Interactive Media, Art and Media, Building Restoration, Russian, History, Human Geography, Ethnology, Ecology and Art History. (E)

University of Gävle HiG is one of the batch of newer institutes of higher education and offers general courses but also some unique ones like Surveying and Mapping, Creative Software Engineering and Health Promotion/Health Education (E)

University of Jönköping or HJ is based on the shores of Lake Vättern and includes the business school as well as education, communication, health sciences and engineering (E)

University of Kalmar HiK has a huge range of courses and caters for exchange students as well. (E)

University of Music Education in Stockholm SMI is an independent college for education in music and related arts. SMI educates music teachers in instrument, ensemble and also voice teachers. (E)

University of Skövde is one of the newer and younger universities in Sweden, with over 5,000 students enrolled in 9 departments Check out courses here. (E)

University of Trollhätten/Uddevalla The HTU has five separate departments, each within a campus which is located in one of the region's three main urban centres. The three towns (Trollhätten, Uddevalla and Vänersborg) are all within a radius of about thirty kilometres. (E)

Uppsala University The UU campus has seven faculties: Theology, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Arts, Social Sciences, and Science and Technology, and its Division of Education and Teaching Professions. It offers a broad spectrum of educational and research opportunities. (E)

Växjö University or VXU is the second largest university in southern Sweden with more than 14,000 students. Courses offered in economics, biosciences, humanities, industrial engineering, social sciences, education, social work, health sciences and mathematics (E)

Orebro University ORU is a large university, covering are twelve departments. Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Statistics, Caring Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Education, Humanities, Music, Physcial Education and Health, Restaurant and Culinary Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Technology.


Arts Education Konstfack in Stockholm is a university college of arts, crafts, design and art education.(E)

Royal University College of Fine Arts Kungl. Konsthögskolan you can study the fine arts, architecture, and restorative art. (E)

Royal University College of Music Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm is one of the world's oldest music colleges and the largest in Sweden. (E)

National Academy of Mime and Acting offers a four-year acting programme and a four-year mime acting programme. Applicants to the two programmes are selected through special auditions. One of the requirements for taking part in the auditions is a good command of the Swedish language. There are no courses for non-Swedish-speaking students. (E)

Stockholm University College of Opera Operahögskolan has about 40 students, with entrance auditions being held in March or April. (E)

University College of Dance Danshögskolanis the only dance university in Sweden. Students from foreign countries can apply to Danshögskolan. All admissions are granted at the college by means of extensive auditions. (E)

University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre offers a University Diploma in Performing Arts and Media as well as numerous shorter courses as further education for professionals within the field of theatre and media. (E)


H.M. Queen Sophia University College of Nursing Sophiahemmet is based in Stockholm and offers a three year nursing program as well as some shorter courses. (E)


National Agency for Higher EducationHögskoleverket evaluates foreign programmes of higher education for purposes of employment in Sweden. Only programmes of higher education with a completed degree are evaluated.(E)


Tjänstemannensbildningsverksamhet or TVB offers popular educational activities in local communities. They are located all over Sweden (E)

Swedish driver's licence Vägverkets's site website - how to get a Swedish licence. (E)

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