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Länsstyrelsen Sweden is divided into 21 counties, each of which has its own county administration and county governor. The County Administrations function as representatives of the state in their respective counties, and as links between the inhabitants, the municipal authorities, the Central Government, the Swedish Parliament and the central state authorities. Each County Administration also has its own website where you can read more about individual counties

Kommunner are the local municipalities (E) The Din Stad site links to many towns in Sweden and is a good resource.

Statistika Centralbyrån Statistics Sweden processes the country's population, housing and business registers. Swedes are obsessed with numbers, so there's a lot of information here! (E)

Riksskatteverket The Income Tax Department It offers some material translated into English.

Riksförsäkringsverket National social security system (E)

Försäkringskassan Everybody who is resident in Sweden is registered with a social insurance office when they reach the age of 16. The same applies if you move to Sweden to settle here. If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country and move to Sweden to work you will also be registered. If you have moved to Sweden from another country you should contact the social insurance office as soon as possible to ascertain what applies in your case. (E)

Konsumentverket The Swedish Consumer Agency is a state agency whose task is to help the Swedish general public with consumer affairs. (E)

Radio Tjänst Collector of fees for tv licence (E)

Barnombudsman Children's ombudsman in Sweden (E)

Vägverket Swedish Driver's Licence. - how to get a Swedish licence (E) You can also read more here.


Immigration Department Migrationsverket is the official site of the Swedish Immigration Department. It has detailed information on visas, work- and residence permits, etc. in several languages. The regulations here mean among other things that a person from a non-Nordic country wishing to settle or work in Sweden must obtain a residence and work permit first, before coming here. (S) (E)

Aliens Appeals Board or Utlänningsnämnden reviews appeals against decisions by the Swedish Immigration Board relating to residence permits, expulsion orders, refugee status, travel documents and Swedish citizenship. (S) (E)

Ombudsman against ethnic discrimination or Ombudsmannen mot etnisk diskriminering (DO) is appointed by the government to monitor and prevent ethnic discrimination the workplace (S) (E)

Working Holiday AWHP has information and a message board (E)

Swedish Embassies. The Swedish Embassy in Australia. There is also a comprehensive list of embassies and missions world wide. (E)

Immigration Institute IMMI is a Private site, but has good information about government authorities, refugees and work or residency permits. The purpose of the institute is to work as a national documentation centre on immigration. The library has an impressive amount of literature relating to issues concerning immigrants. (E)

National Integration Office or Integrationsverket has the task of to monitoring and evaluating   developments in society from an integration policy perspective and to promote equal rights and opportunities for all. (S) (E)

Swedish Customs Tullverket site has general information about customs, traveller's information (including the drug laws) and import-export of goods (S) (E)

Citizenship This fact sheet outlines criteria for citizenship. If you come from a non-EU country, you can apply in Sweden after residing here for 5 years, or three years if you are in a relationship with a Swedish citizen. Note: marriage to a Swedish citizen does not automatically confer citizenship to you. Details are also available from Migrationsverket (E)


Want to know who runs the country and what they allegedly stand for? The links below take you to the parties that make up the government and opposition in Sweden.

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the single-chamber 349-member Riksdag (Parliament) which is directly elected for a three-year term. A Prime Minister and Cabinet are drawn from the largest party or coalition of parties.

Göran Persson from the Social Democrats is the current Prime Minister.

Social Democrats Social Demokraterna (E)

People's Party Folkpartiet (E)

The Moderates Moderaterna (E)

The Centre Party Centrepartiet (E)

The Left Party Vänsterpartiet (E)

The Green Party Miljöpartiet (E)

The Christian Democrats Kristdemokraterna (E)



Swedish Constitution This is an English   translation, outlining the articles covering the basic principles, fundamental rights and freedoms, property and expropriation, parliament, head of state, parliamentary control, laws and the judiciary, war and the general business of government. (E)

Swedish Parliament Riksdagen (E) There is also a government page that lists all MP's, government offices, ministries, agencies and outlines the system of government. (E)

Citizen's Guide to Sweden Samhallsguiden (E)

EU information This page is from the Riksdag and outlines Sweden's EU position (E)

Royal Court Information about the Swedish Royal family (E)


Australian Embassy in Sweden. The ambassador is based in Stockholm. There is information about passports, travel advice and security information from DFAT, visa, trade queries and a heap of Aussie links. (E)

Information about Sweden DFAT - Country, economy and regional information for Sweden . (E)

Australian Taxation Office Yes, we all "love" ATO -check your tax position home. (E)

Australian Electoral Commission Check the AEC site for your eligibility to vote in Australian elections whilst overseas. (E)

Australian Customs It's a good idea to check customs before you send anything or travel "home" (E) You can also visit the excess baggage site to see what you can and can't take back with you, and what documentation you'll need.

Online Registration with Foreign Affairs at this DFAT page This can be very useful, especially for those living abroad alone -enables speedy contact with your nominated next of kin in Australia in case of an emergency. (E)


Southern Cross Group Extremely informative website for all expat Australians. To quote: "The Southern Cross Group is an international non-profit advocacy organisation which speaks on behalf of the some 860,000 Australians who live overseas. The Group tries to work for changes to existing law and policy where these adversely impact the Australian expatriate community."

According to DFAT there are 1500 Aussies living in Sweden , with 700 living in Stockholm alone.
The contact person in Sweden for SCG is
John Griffin
Lindholmsbacken 171
127 49 Skärholmen

Telephone: +46 (0)8 740 7045
Mobile : +46 (0)709 801 649

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